Taser Impacts on Bare Skin at 28,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Taser Impacts on Bare Skin at 28,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Warning, slightly gross! Gav goes to Arizona to film a Taser being deployed at a human target in Super Slow Motion.
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Filmed with the Phantom v2511 at 28,500fps
Taser Impacts on Skin at 28,500fps – The Slow Mo Guys

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20 Responses

  1. JayBud says:

    I can’t believe they stole that confetti idea from Caboose. Tsk tsk.

  2. SWAG OF NORWAY says:

    Some of the comments here stun me

  3. Tanjiha Ahmad says:

    does the film have swear words?

  4. Martin duiven says:

    i was hoping to see dan.. :(

  5. DRaKe6900 says:


  6. Jess Jones says:


  7. polishjerk says:

    How are the electrodes propelled out of the Tazer?

  8. Adam Cairns says:

    What’s with the confetti

  9. Kamal Jones says:

    nice video as always

  10. Tech with T.M.K says:


  11. XdanielZ99 says:

    Oh no my name is Dan

  12. Sotos Alex says:

    What if the stabbed his spine? Electrocuting your spinal chord doesn’t
    sound that fun :P

  13. Owen Leach says:

    Love you Gav

  14. chris71388 says:

    There was recently an explosion at Taser HQ. At the release of this video.
    7 people were injured.

  15. Nathan Bruneel says:


  16. Russell Livett (Grymligast) says:

    Poor Dan.

  17. Zg Ggg says:

    Camera crew to Dan: we missed the shot, do it again

  18. The Dome99 says:

    how about you rub in a basketball and a basketball net wirh petrol and then
    light the net on fire and throw the basketball in the net

  19. xnightwingz says:

    +Alice Reed yeah i know right

  20. DragonUltraMaster says:

    I seriously hope that THIS will be better than the AVGN movie… I haven’t
    seen it, only trailers and I got soooo disapointed after seeing just the
    FIRST TRAILER!!!! The idea was brilliant, the movie problably is not.

    This trailer with *Lazer Team* seems great so far! So derpy and AH:stylish