Tattoo on Transparent “Skin” at 20,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Tattoo on Transparent “Skin” at 20,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan demonstrate some pretty shoddy tattoo skills into some ballistic gel allowing us to get a rather disturbing glimpse at what occurs below the surface of the skin in macro ultra-slow motion. If you’re a bit iffy on needles, give this one a miss!
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Tattoo on Transparent “Skin” at 20,000fps – The Slow Mo Guys
Filmed on the Phantom TMX 7510

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37 Responses

  1. Hin Håle says:

    I love how Dan has never expressed any embarrassment over anything he’s done here on youtube but he’s too embarrassed to tell us about his tattoo ideas. 😆

    • Kate The Goat says:

      And that his tattoo idea was also like, very very tame

    • sloth jr says:

      I mean, with that level of embarrassment, I thought it was going to be not a tattoo but some body jewelry like a prince albert ….

    • Blobfish says:

      Dan: *gets incredibly embarrassed talking about a tattoo idea thinking it would look bad on him*

      Also Dan: *describes getting tattooed in an area that would look pretty awesome on him*

    • i so late says:

      @Kate The Goat tbf, his main point was how weird that type of tattoo would look on him when he was out of shape

    • Rubiconnn says:

      I mean most tattoos are really embarrassing after a few years.

  2. staticradio724 says:

    I love how these guys have been doing this stuff for the better part of a decade, and they’ve got all this sophisticated equipment.. and then Gavin is just… holding a flashlight 😂

  3. Michael Parham says:

    To any aspiring tattoo artists out there, remember this, “Different skin takes ink better than others.” I only have 3 tats, two of which were are cover ups, but there was a significant difference in pain levels between different artists. While I was getting my coverups, I mentioned to the artist ( a 40ish year old woman who had owned and operated her shop for 15 years ) how much less painful it was compared to when I first got them, and she told me my skin held ink very well. She went on to say that some artists really dig into the skin to guarantee the ink fully penetrates the top layer. It’s not wrong per se, but it’s not always necessary.

    • Jolly Bodger says:

      I have 4 tattoos, but my skin is the opposite of yours, I had to have 3 of them touched up because my skin doesn’t hold the ink very well and one of them still has a couple of colourless blotches after 2 touch-ups. Strangely it’s the 3 black ink only ones that didn’t stick well, the one with colour had no problem at all holding the ink, I wonder if it’s something to do with the make-up of the black ink.

    • Moondragon1821 says:

      Had to get my 4th tattoo corrected because the artist ( not the guy I’ve gone to for my other tattoos ) didn’t go deep enough. The ink in the middle of the lettering all fell out during healing. Even now a couple years later it’s still lighter in some areas. Will get it redone by my regular guy eventually.

    • Jolly Bodger says:

      @Moondragon1821 My 4 were all done by different artists at different studios, the best result was the cheapest studio that unfortunately shut down, so I need to continue trying other places to find another good one.
      Unfortunately the most reputable one in my area is out of my price range and has a 6-8 month waiting list because most of his customers are celebrities.

    • Scoobay says:

      I have 4 tattoos, 3 of which caused frustration with the tattooist as the ink wouldn’t take, so an hour long tattoo took 3 hours and it felt like I was being massaged by a cheese grater the whole time. Apparently I have leather skin. Inner bicep/armpit area was fine, though.

    • NinjaPooop says:

      @Moondragon1821they were probably trying to avoid blowout.

  4. Wrath Is Me says:

    *I would love to see a professional tattoo artist demonstrate technique on the ballistic gel,* I think that would be fascinating. I’d also love to see that same artist tattooing a person. I don’t know how good of a shot you can get because the ink tends to get everywhere pretty quick, but definitely sounds interesting

  5. Broken Kitty says:

    After having so many tattoos and more ideas on the way of getting, this was fascinating. But Dan I’d never get one done by you, waaaay too deep 😂

  6. Sammy says:

    I feel like Geoff is the perfect person to drag onto a video like this if you wanted to record someone actually getting a tattoo in macro

  7. ScoldierRL says:

    Dan: “neither of us are brave enough to get the tattoo ourselves”

    Also Dan: *Jumps onto a trampoline covered in mouse traps*

  8. purplejellytotPJT says:

    Would love to see a sequel to this episode with a professional tattoo artist (or several) involved!

  9. TheShepdawg says:

    I was never planning on getting any tattoos in my life, and this video has let me know that I officially made the right choice.

  10. Posy says:

    Love the detailed sound design on this one!

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