Taye Diggs Slays ‘Candyman’ in Front of Christina Aguilera | Lip Sync Battle Preview

Taye Diggs Slays ‘Candyman’ in Front of Christina Aguilera | Lip Sync Battle Preview

The Queen is pleased! Christina Aguilera is beside herself as Taye Diggs goes all out for ‘Candyman.’ Lip Sync Battle, Thursdays at 10/9c on Paramount Network.

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Lip Sync Battle is back for another season of epic performances from the hottest stars on the planet! Each week, A-list celebrities go toe to toe, syncing contemporary hits and classic tracks, all for the ultimate bragging rights: the title of Lip Sync Battle Champion. Hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen.

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36 Responses

  1. Skye.Sapphire says:

    Lmao this is hilarious ? I’m deaddddd

  2. Skye Jackson says:

    I can’t wait for Thursday lol

  3. Cris Cris says:

    Not bad legs

  4. IceManStudios says:

    He slays Vogue and now this?!?!
    I’m praying for Thursday to come faster

  5. Zannia Ojibe says:

    Taye kills it every time!!!??

  6. Mr. DB says:

    He goes from Madonna to Christina Aguilera. I can’t wait for Thursday!

  7. Danny Steeler says:

    Oh my *jaw dropping being lost for words* :O

  8. Giselle Valdez says:

    Okay but can we talk about those legs?!

  9. Justin Gomma says:

    Xtina ?

  10. Kris Smith says:

    This is sad.

  11. La la la says:

    This “man” is ALWAYS dressing like a woman. I wouldn’t trust him alone with my panty drawer for a second!!

  12. Angel G says:

    Did someone change the meaning of slays, cause this was cute but not it

  13. SAK- SOON says:

    Ohhhhh i used to wear those socks all the time when I was a kid!!!! ? ? ? ? I remember it now!!!!!!

  14. FrankieBeans says:

    nothing about that was good

  15. Skeet Parish says:

    Katt William warned y’all

  16. FlyBoyZay FlyBoyZay says:

    I can not vibe with queers?

  17. DJ COCAT - Party Song Remixes says:

    Dave Chappelle was right

  18. saL sageV says:

    And the emasculation of blacks in Hollywood continues.

  19. NotEntertaining says:

    antichrist is among us

  20. MrCobain215Sports4 says:

    Another black man in a dress, lol this country is doing everything within their power to emasculate us.

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