Taylor Mic Drop

Taylor Mic Drop

Every song for every moment.

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19 Responses

  1. Lasha Helena says:

    So I saw this commercial in another video I was watching, and the I heard
    the song and I’m like whoa! THROWBACK!! + Tay Tay Swift?! HEAVEN ???

  2. Nurul Darari says:

    Notice how the second song in her apple playlist is Welcome To The Black
    Parade xD

  3. Frank Martin says:

    So much cringe

  4. Expunisher says:


  5. Violet_ Tiger says:

    her commercials are ridiculous lol

  6. AlyMewGaming says:


  7. Dele Alli's Uncle says:

    She definitely looks like a porn star

  8. ButIts MeThough says:

    This is why girls take song to get ready.

  9. maem15 says:

    I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex

  10. weapon X (Logan) says:

    this is retarded

  11. Plato says:

    Shut up… Get out…

  12. Will C says:

    I still hear this song all the time even to this day at the gym or in
    public places and have listened to it for many years. It’s a very deep song
    for me as it was for the writers because the lyrics really bring a good
    message of how you are good enough no matter if your life circumstances are
    not aligned. *cries
    Ive seen her cover this from time to time and it’s clear now she still
    likes it and remembers it.
    If you’re reading this Taylor, you should do at least one hardcore straight
    country song one day just out of the blue Our Song themed

  13. D Mar (Celtics fan) says:

    So this is what takes girls so long to get ready.

  14. Nancy Ramirez says:

    Taylor, stop making a fool of yourself????

  15. Cobra Commander says:

    I only know her from these two Apple commercials and I think she’s
    hilarious and adorable. I know nothing else about her though.

  16. SMIRKS says:

    That’s right Taylor… DROP DAT MIC!!!

  17. Abdullah NF says:

    Long and unnecessary, but it isn’t annoying.

  18. steven crow says:


  19. I Was Born This Way! says:

    I can’t stand her!