Taylor Swift – 2016 GRAMMY Winner Album of the Year

Taylor Swift – 2016 GRAMMY Winner Album of the Year

Taylor Swift wins the GRAMMY for Album of the Year.

Check out more GRAMMY coverage at CBS.com: http://bit.ly/1AsXJBL

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20 Responses

  1. SuperPat88 says:

    Kanye west…

    Self-aggrandizing boor.

    Uses the 2005 Katrina-thon to badmouth a president, rather than appeal to
    the people’s goodwill.

    Usurps the previous award win by Ms. Swift.

    Marries, and makes babies with, another self-absorbed piece of skum(sik)
    named Kim Kadashatrash(sik).

    Recently announces he’s $50-plus-million in the red.

    Somehow claims to have made Ms. Swift famous.

    Gets ripped into by Ms. Swift after her most-recent win.

    Loves the letter K so much, he’s now introduced to *KARMA*!

  2. Johhny Apollo says:

    I think Kanye should have won woman of the year. He’s that great. I hope he
    runs for president too. Maybe he’ll enter The Kentucky Derby too…I bet
    he’d be a great NFL quarterback. The Broncos should call him

  3. Myke Alien says:

    And once again kendrick has been robbed. Thank god for the grammies

  4. Valentina Joseph says:

    aww selenas face at 2:06

  5. VicaMOOR (Alt Hip Hop Artist) says:

    Why ya’ll hating on Taylor Swift? lol. It’s some old as white men who voted
    her over Kendrick! Say fuck them! Shit, I didn’t even watch the grammys.
    Ya’ll forgot GKMC?

  6. Jocelyn Marie says:

    Damn people so bitter in the comments but Taylor’s Album was amazing. So
    was every nominee. That is the thing about award shows, music is so
    opinionated. An artist can be AMAZING and award winning but hated by half
    of the world. It all comes down to opinion there really is no ‘best album’
    because they are all beautiful.
    Not to mention none of the other albums had the success 1989 did. I mean
    her songs are still playing on the radio and its been over a year lol. Her
    album changed pop music and was revolutionary and widely loved. Idk if
    thats why she won but don’t for one second say someone else deserved it
    more. They were all incredible.

  7. Daniel Monaghan says:

    White privilege at it’s finest folks.

  8. Alexis Johnson says:

    All the bitching in the world isn’t going to change the fact that Taylor
    won! HA HA! 😂 buncha salt shakers lol

  9. Matt Scarce says:

    All these people thinking Kendrick or anyone else should have won. Rap is
    fucking garbage now.

  10. Faizan Anjum says:


  11. Sanger11212 says:

    It’s official. Taylor swift is the Jennifer Lawrence of the Grammys. How is
    1989 better than TPAB, sound and color, AND traveller miss me with the
    bullshit Grammys

  12. Helen Wang says:

    taylor bought the grammy with all the money she got for suing people 😩😴

  13. Adam Patla says:

    She is just as deserving as Kendrick. She knows exactly what she’s doing
    and she has a creative say in every aspect of the album. (Although I think
    Kendrick’s was a little more artistically deserving). They’re both
    hardworking artists and she did a lot for music this year. Also, she was
    famous before Kanye so yeah.

  14. Philip Moore says:

    AHAHAH Tori Kelly Looking at her like “Ok we get it you dominated music
    last year. Get off the stage”

  15. Dpw Hall says:

    Look at all the butt hurt black people crying. Lol here have a glass of
    milk —- Plus kendrick already won 4 grammys, yall aint happy for shit lol

  16. Kiya Nieman says:


  17. Leefo3 AtItsBest says:

    Kendrick had more of an impact on music than any muthafucka (especially
    Taylor Swift)

  18. GARY J says:

    To Pimp a Butterfly is completely unlistenable. Total garbage, literally
    can’t hear a word he’s saying. Everyone’s jumping on his bandwagon

  19. Maddy Kopsch says:

    Literally, nobody deserved this more than Taylor. I don’t think you people
    have ANY idea how hard she has worked this year. Yes, I’m sure all the
    other nominees worked very hard and are deserving of the award, but this
    album has become a HUGE success. Do you think that all happened while
    Taylor was sitting on her butt?! No. She puts 100% heart into her lyrics
    and she worked her ass off for 10 years to get where she is today. You all
    can lay off and stop hating, because look where she is. That’s not you
    standing on that Grammy stage, that’s Taylor and her hard work. I swear,
    these days people pick out ever tiny flaw of an artist and put a label on
    them and say they don’t deserve their success. Taylor is one of the most
    popular artists in the world and its because of her ability to write a
    great song and connect with her audiences around the world. Sure, she
    doesn’t have the greatest singing voice, but that’s not what being an
    artist is all about. I’ve about had it with people hating.