Taylor Swift – All Too Well: The Short Film

Taylor Swift – All Too Well: The Short Film

Written & Directed by: Taylor Swift
Starring: Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien & Taylor Swift

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36 Responses

  1. KidBehindACamera says:

    Taylor Swift is absolutely one of the most talented among us

  2. Luke Alexander says:

    Sadie girl you’ve got an Oscar coming your way and Miss Taylor please direct more shorts

  3. isa ! says:

    “written and directed by taylor swift” possibly the most satisfying thing to read.

  4. Mahesh Mehar says:

    It’s crazy how many people are listening to this masterpiece.
    This song is legendary.

  5. KeyLimeTea says:

    Sadie captures Taylor’s emotions she just makes me feel like I’m really watching Taylor experience this.

  6. Betul Kantaroglu says:

    I became a swiftie during the late 1989/rep era, so i never really knew what red was about and didn’t listen to it much, this re release made me understand the hype around it. And honestly i cannot stop listening to All too well ten minute version, it feels as if i’m the one going through the heartbreak and i’ve never even experienced something even similar to that type of heartbreak before, Taylors writing and storytelling is so magnificent and unique, she makes the listener feel the same emotions she felt, this short film is a cherry on top to enhance the story. I’ve been heartbroken the whole day over something that has happened almost 11 years ago . The power of taylor swift

    • Betul Kantaroglu says:

      @UCp1SXH_KAUIW5ksvkX4ZwIw she was 20 years old and was dating jake gylenhall, he was 29/30 i’m pretty sure, and all too well is about him, he didn’t show up to her birthday party (the moment i knew is about that)and blamed the age gap and broke up with her but all his gfs are around 20. On twitter actually someone made a collage, and the moments in the short film have nearly all happened in real life with her and jake, especially the car scene where he’s yelling. I’m sure there’s more but that’s all i know, all i know is that he broke her heart really bad

    • Maria del Rosario Rosas Sanchez says:

      I know to Taylor Swift for fearless but after I lost her sign unty with ME!, When return to be my favorite singer and composer

  7. Ayesha Shaikh says:

    Years passed, I never stopped listening to All Too Well, but all I ever wanted was a music video of it, and now when I have it, I’m crying. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR

  8. Isabeledits. says:

    Sadie and Dylan’s acting is actually out of this world oml

  9. Xandinho says:

    It’s INSANE to think that Taylor ACTUALLY lived all of this experience. Watching Sadie we can precisely capture every single emotion that she felt — from the most sincerely smile to the last tear drop. It’s a real game changer when you realize how incredible Taylor Swift can be.

  10. Era's Journey says:

    Remember when it was just a theory on Tumblr that there was a 10 min version of this song 9 years ago? And now we are here. Taylor is basically the universe at this point.

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