Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid watching Grease Live

Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid watching Grease Live

From Gigi’s snapchat

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20 Responses

  1. Big e. LEGEND says:

    I’m popular. Look at me. ?

  2. lol who's Patrick Stump? ? says:

    Taylors gonna get sued by finebros…she reacted.

  3. Lipstick Andlead says:

    why is this worth putting on YouTube?

  4. Spencer Allen says:


  5. GameJump3RZ says:

    Watch out fine bros gonna sue this

  6. LexieReadLeeds says:

    Guys chill with all the hate comments. This was on Gigi’s snapchat. It
    wasn’t intended to go on youtube, put someone reposted it here.

  7. Captain Vader says:

    Taylor swift is the donald trump of music


    What is the place you are in the maids quarters come on taylor we know your
    ass gots money and you want us to believe this is your house right as many
    concerts and albums sold you have btw do not put out 11 sec videos that is
    stupid if you are gonna do it lip sync the whole song this was a stripper
    with pasties what a tease good video though I like seeing celebrities with
    talent just sit around watching tv makes them seem more real cause some
    have a real shitty image so it is nice to know.

  9. Kaufzel ­­­­­ says:

    FineBros: “Taylor, while watching Grease live, did you/did you not react
    while being filmed?”
    Taylor Swift: “yea it was great”
    FineBros: “I rest my case.”

  10. TomSeaz says:

    Nothing special bout this video! It’s like my sister and my cousin singing
    a fucking song ? fuck outta here!

  11. zeekmorris says:

    fuck these cunts

  12. John Cunningham says:

    More dislikes than likes ?

  13. Dillon Michael says:

    I still love them :-)

  14. HO AH says:

    celebrity slaves

  15. BeautybyMykaela 19 says:

    Don’t understand why this is trending but I kinda wish I was there tbh?

  16. marrythegaga91 says:

    No thanks.

  17. kappeal says:

    small loan of 900 dislikes

  18. Tony da Tiger says:

    reacting to grease???

    Fine bros will fucking love to take this down.

  19. kappeal says:

    small loan of 1000 dislikes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  20. misterorw says:

    this deserves more dislikes than likes