Taylor Swift & Avril Lavigne ~ Complicated

Taylor Swift & Avril Lavigne ~ Complicated

Taylor Swift & Avril Lavigne ~ Complicated

San Diego 8/29/15

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20 Responses

  1. kpopshawol says:

    Not gonna lie, I got a bit teary. XD my idols!

  2. Carlos Sanchez says:

    truly amazing!

  3. M PEREZ (SCARFGURU) says:

    Awesome duo

  4. Jenin faour says:

    There’s a mashup of Avril’s Complicated and Taylor’s We Are Never Getting
    Back Together on Youtube and it’s AMAZING

  5. karen the avril #1 fan says:

    Avril & taylor make a song together please ???????????

  6. Dominick Solis says:

    Nadie como ellas! En especial Abril!

  7. aremeentulips says:

    OHMY!!!!! PERFECT!!!

  8. Hookster57 says:

    See, the “feud” was much ado about nothing. Looking good u 2.

  9. aRa Buzz says:

    avril is better <33

  10. ❤?Jade Taylor?❤ says:

    If they duet, I’ll cry of happiness. 

  11. ChewyTVW says:

    this was unexpected but a lovely surprise.

  12. Natalia Constanzo says:

    this is perfect

  13. Teresa Maria says:

    taylor swift is so stupid! i swear! well at least she has made for once a
    good decision by singing with avril ! but seriously taylor looks like her
    mother in this vid…like those embarrassing mothers likr what is she
    trying to do?me to Taylor:”ur tryna be cool you look like a fool to me”+
    avril sings×100000 time better than taylor.avril is 30 and she looks so
    young and beautiful while taylor is 25 yet she looks so old and ugly!

  14. The DayDreamer says:

    2,135 likes=Avril Lavigne 17 dislikes=Taylor Swift

  15. Алишер Ирсаинов says:


  16. Sarah S says:

    I loved this song :)

  17. Daiyan Salam says:

    Love this!!

  18. Maddie Siegmund says:

    Avril is a better singer and songwriter but Taylor still rocks and is a
    brilliant businesswoman

  19. ZNOTES 87 says:

    wonder if they both got smashed in the tour bus after the show? whadaya
    guys think?

  20. Elaa Hilou says:

    Avril and Taylor on the same stage. I can die happy now.