Taylor Swift on the Rumored ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Easter Eggs

Taylor Swift on the Rumored ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Easter Eggs

Taylor Swift admitted to Ellen that her fans are pretty good at figuring out all the Easter eggs she puts in her music videos and songs, and talked about the rumor she had something to do with “Avengers: Endgame.” Plus, the star explained to Ellen why she hasn’t been on the show for four years, and the motto she coined for her “Reputation” album.


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74 Responses

  1. Preeti Rawat says:

    last time i was this early, James Charles had 16mil.

  2. Lostariel Bronwethiel says:

    This was literally posted 24 seconds ago. I’ve never clicked on anything so fast

  3. Jackie Ciser says:

    Thought she was too skinny before now she’s put on nice weigh equally everywhere

  4. Jonas Ebert says:

    6 views, 60 likes

    *Perfectly balanced, as all things should be*

  5. Sarah Park says:

    I love TAYLOR SWIFT!!! ❤️ I’m glad she’s back on Ellen show!!!!

  6. DVJ says:

    Next time i hope they invite Brendon as well

  7. ScarlettP says:

    Taylor is so humble, I just love her so much ?

  8. Afiq Akmal says:

    This woman right here doesn’t deserve any hates . She’s the most humble artist ever. ??

    • imtoohappy says:

      Marco Aguilera don’t be jealous boo

    • Eden Gallagher says:

      +c. l. bitter songs? Maybe you should actually listen to them and you’ll find that there are only like 5 actually bitter breakup songs she’s written

    • Eden Gallagher says:

      +Marco Aguilera and your proof is? Like omg even in the phone call with Kanye she said “I’m this close to overexposure” when he wanted to drop her name

  9. Richa G says:

    There Will Be No Explanation, There Will Just Be Reputation.
    “I swear I don’t love the drama, it loves

    • Aaliyah Foster says:

      And I can’t let you go. Your hand print’s on my soul. Your eyes are liquor and your body is gold. You’ve been calling my bluff on all my usual tricks, so here’s the truth from my red lips.

  10. Lige Nyodu says:

    Imagine taylor killing thanos,,, lol

  11. Cerx Nylx says:

    “You can do anything you want Taylor Swift!”
    Thank you Ellen for finally saying it
    Taylor Swift doesn’t need to prove anything anymore

  12. TVD Forever! says:

    In alternate timeline Taylor must have defeated Thanos

  13. Kuan Ying Hsu says:

    Easter egg: those palm trees in the back
    case closed

  14. Melissa Jung says:

    “There will be no explanation, there will just be Reputation.”


  15. TS says:

    It’s her 13th appearance on this show woa We Stan 13 number.
    How powerful personality she’s having. Thank you Ellen for Inviting her ☺️✨? sending love

  16. fifi says:

    What Taylor said: You guys are friendly.

    What Taylor really meant: You guys clap at anything.

  17. Joelle M says:

    Awww I miss Taylor and Ellen they are so cute and always have so much fun together!!!! Their jokes are hilarious!!!

    • Palace of Brilliance says:

      Joelle M i thought it was a bot strange, don’t you think? it seemed a bit estranged sometimes

    • Danielle Danti says:

      Yes!!! You can tell they genuinely care for and respect each other. I even got the vibe that Ellen was maybe being a bit more delicate (protective?) than her normal no holds bar humor since it’s her first tv interview in years. Not that TS needed it, but it’s infinitely sweet nonetheless!!!

  18. Christian Santos says:

    Coolest easter egg:

    *_reputation_*_ precedes _*_ME!_*

    • Mónika VDA says:

      +Shakiba Inside A Screen I think it’s the French sentence she didn’t translate

    • Becky Boncheveaux says:


    • Eden Gallagher says:

      +Shakiba Inside A Screen
      “I like to plant Easter eggs in a video that will be like a lyric from unreleased song”
      “what’s that thing in the background, and what’s that song playing underneath there [DEFINITELY A SONG IN ME!’S INTRO], and is there a reason she said that in French?” (she kinda emphasized “that” so is she saying to pay attention to what’s said in the French dialogue?)
      “’cause I didn’t wanna butcher the language of love” (has mentioned several times how French is the language of love, probably a song name/lyric)

  19. Akanksha Singh says:

    Ppl- taylor is arrogant. So much attitude.
    Ellen- ” u can do anything you want TS”
    Taylor- ( like a baby) ” thank you for saying that!”.
    I love this lady right here

  20. Divo Galindra says:

    I miss their friendship, Ellen used to scared Taylor, I cant wait for that lol

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