Taylor Swift Reveals Star-Studded Cameos in Her Easter Egg-Filled Bejeweled Music Video

Taylor Swift Reveals Star-Studded Cameos in Her Easter Egg-Filled Bejeweled Music Video

Taylor Swift talks about casting Mike Birbiglia for her Anti-Hero video, how she came up with a Cinderella twist for her Bejeweled video and reveals special cameos from the HAIM sisters, Laura Dern, Dita Von Teese and more.

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Taylor Swift Reveals Star-Studded Cameo in Her Easter Egg-Filled Bejeweled Music Video


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33 Responses

  1. marie says:

    The fact that one of her biggest fears was being “tossed aside” in the music industry once she turned 30. Look at her now, extremely successful album shes so incredible.

  2. Z Tso says:

    It’s so fun watching Taylor and Jimmy just having a blast talking like normal BFFs🤣🤣🤣

    • ProfessionalLeafKicker says:

      @Sarah Smith I think it might be the pattern, but who knows. 🙂 She does glow. But people glow for all reasons. Maybe she swallowed the stars. I know, that did not make sense. <3 Happy to see a glow!

    • Sarah Smith says:

      I dont know if she wore that fabric pattern to throw pple off but im predicting Lady Taylor is preggers! 😊 I mean she looks so healthy and filled out more & pregnancy does that to slim women early on while medium size women dont change til latter months. Plus she has a tummy pooch but was like trying not to bend much in the interview. And not her old fidgety energy either. I hope its true and she becomes a mama. (Lots of women announcing late these days not to jinx-(miscarrges (which sum thnk she mita had also)

    • ProfessionalLeafKicker says:

      Theory, he has been a die hard Swiftie under some pseudonym out there. since 2010.

  3. Isha S. says:

    Taylor Swift is EVERYTHING! She writes, sings, plays piano and guitar and banjo, narrates stories, rapper and does so much else! And she is so beautiful with an amazing voice! She is artist of the century.

  4. Nina Philline Ann Cabuyao says:

    I’ve been a Swiftie since I was 12. I turned 27 last May. She’s been able to connect with almost every experience & memory I had growing up because she was going through the same things herself. Taylor is timeless. 🌸

  5. sophia isabelle says:

    Bejeweled has to be one of Midnights’ best songs. It goes to show that everyone has the potential to ‘shine bright’ like a star no matter what situation they’re in. Like Cinderella, she began from ‘rags’ and ended up attaining all the ‘riches’ she could ever ask for.

  6. Scarlett says:

    One thing about Taylor she always leaves us at wanting more

  7. Ler Shen Tan says:

    She left so many easter eggs in her Bejeweled MV that I couldn’t count with my fingers. She makes us so terrified but we love her for that.

  8. Scarlett says:

    Taylor Swift isn’t Taylor Swift without giving us Easter Egg clues

  9. dhriti says:

    i think her lyric “best believe i’m still bejeweled when i walk in the room, i could still make the whole place shimmer” is so genius because she just proved how she can brighten up the music industry with a glamourous comeback!

  10. Miranda says:

    Taylor Swift is just the best, such a kind person and a BRILLIANT songwriter and she absolutely always will be.

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