Taylor Swift – Snow On The Beach (Feat. More Lana Del Rey)

Taylor Swift – Snow On The Beach (Feat. More Lana Del Rey)

Listen to “Snow On The Beach (Feat. More Lana Del Rey)” by Taylor Swift.

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35 Responses

  1. Shivam Trivedi says:

    It’s weird how my fav song from this album keeps changing every few days! It’s definitely gonna be this for a while now😍(sorry midnight rain)

  2. Any Vander says:

    I love how Lana switched up the melody for the second verse, it gives the entire song a new feeling, like two lovers singing their point of view of what falling in love feels like to them (Taylor in the first verse being one person, and Lana in the second verse being the other one).

    And it’s just so magical because each of us is able to feel things in such a unique way, but in the end we’re all able to recognize the same emotions, like happiness…And love.

    Hope that makes sense 😅

    • Diya Valeja says:

      you put it so well ❤️

    • shannyl says:

      I don’t think you should have said “each of us” feels things in such a unique way, but ” we’re all able to experience the same emotions  ” wrong. Not everyone is able to experience the same emotions. Maybe next time speak to yourself, some people don’t experience emotions at all.

    • Fosmin Clorin says:

      I don’t think they fit well together, the original song is better.

    • Viktor Algotsson says:

      @shannyl If you had read the comment correctly, the point of “each of us” was literally that not everyone has the same point of view… “speak for yourself”, really?

    • shannyl says:

      @Viktor Algotsson Dude No, if you had read the comment properly you’d see where he said ” And it’s so magical because each of us is able to feel things in such a unique way, but in the end in the end were able to experienced the same emotions like happiness  or love ”

      So basically he meant we all have a different point of view but in the end ” were able to experience the same emotions like love and happiness ”


      Which is wrong, not everyone experience love and happiness, many people don’t feel/ aren’t able to feel emotions 💯 so he shouldn’t have used “each of us ” and ” able to experience the same emotions sounds like he’s speaking for everyone. Hope you got my point.

  3. EvanPeters says:

    The fact that Taylor listened to her fans and created the music we requested…. Serious respect ❤. I’ve yet to see another artist come out with an updated version in a situation like this lol

  4. Nanana says:

    The original Snow on the Beach feels like a warm blanket wrapped around your shoulders and holding your lover’s hand while peacefully watching the snow fall together.

    The More Lana version is laughing and dancing with your lover in the middle of a snowstorm at night on the beach.

    They’re both beautiful and magical ❄️💖

  5. Madden says:

    I love that Taylor, as a Lana Del Rey fan herself, understood what Lana fans were saying about MORE LANA 😍 When I first heard that Lana was going to be on Midnights, I was psyched. I love the original version of this song but found myself hoping that sometime in the future they’d do an alternate duet version. I love them for doing it so quickly. Taylor and Lana are my absolute favorites. 💜✨

    • Nupur Mishra says:

      “Lana fans were saying”? You mean that lana fans were bullying taylor for not giving lana a verse when lana was the one who chose not to sing it? As much as I love lana her fanbase is absolutely sh*tty. I had longed for a taylor and lana collaboration since 2020 but when I saw the behavior of Lana’s fans towards taylor when sotb(original) was released, I still hope that this collab should never had happened. Her fans are ungrateful af

  6. Zahara says:

    Thank you Taylor for listening to us ❤
    our next request is : Make more music together PLEASE!!

  7. Roblox fans says:

    Taylor’s voice is just like the waves, coming back and forth. And Lana’s voice is the snow failing into the marine, falling on the coastline.

  8. Nicholas garrick says:

    Their voices blend so well together I genuinely hope they’ll make more music together.

  9. IviBio says:

    the new instrumental + the new mix + Lana’s verse makes this song PERFECT. It’s probably on my top 5 midnights songs easily

  10. Samara Fernandes says:

    A gente pediu tanto e veio aí, obrigada Lana e Taylor por terem nos dado essa versão incrível. Obrigada por nos fazerem felizes e terem feito essa parceira. ❤

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