Taylor Swift Soap Opera w/ Julianne Moore & John Stamos

Taylor Swift Soap Opera w/ Julianne Moore & John Stamos

Julianne Moore, John Stamos and James Corden act out a soap opera break-up set to Taylor Swift lyrics in The Bold and The Lyrical.

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20 Responses

  1. Vanessa Manchester says:

    I loved the creativity!!!All you guys rocked!!!

  2. Juan Gomez says:

    EPIC….please more , more…!!!
    every new guest in the show , wit lyrics of LIL WAYNE, BRUNO MARS, KATY
    PERRY, etc etc..


  3. Aarón López says:

    Never mind I´ll find someone like you.. LOL

  4. Matthew Christopher Yeomans says:

    This is a puppet show by Satan about our life (and death).

  5. Alec Spencer-Parker says:

    Really enjoyed this

  6. The Fleglets says:

    This was hilarious. Well done!

  7. Toni Meter says:

    This was just great!

  8. RMJungleBerry says:

    This is a lot like ‘Mathias’s’ ‘Lyrics in Real Life.

  9. pllemily says:

    Taylor needs to see this . So funny :)

  10. arsenalmanic says:

    i didnt get 90% of it, as i dont follow T.Swift music

  11. Alexandra Bathory says:

    so awesome haha perfect stage

  12. Faramallera says:

    lmao!! I love her

  13. Ana Luiza Pena says:

    Julianne, oh my God, you are so so so gorgeous, lady!

  14. Stuart J Smith says:

    Such a cool sketch, really well done

  15. Monique fouly says:


  16. Ana Carolina Moura says:


  17. Camila Luciana Gallegos Garcia says:

    BEST VIDEO EVER!! LOVE IT <3 <3 #Swifties

  18. Rikke Frost says:

    This is freakin’ amazing !! 😀 😀 :D

  19. Karol Westerhm says:

    watch out james gorden.
    taylor swift is waiting for ur money after using her lyrics.
    her words. her phrases. everything was created by her.
    watch out.

  20. healthymadness says: