Taylor Swift – The Archer (Lyric Video)

Taylor Swift – The Archer (Lyric Video)

Music video by Taylor Swift performing The Archer (Lyric Video). © 2019 Taylor Swift


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43 Responses

  1. Rosabel Maluto says:

    “I’ve got a hundred DONUTS..”?? – Welp, am I just hungry or what? ??

  2. SophEAAa says:

    Taylor deserves everything. Her lyrics are always something. All of her lyrics are well been written. Correct grammar. Easy to understand. Idk how to describe but yeah she’s really talented

  3. Jeevan Tamang says:

    This is such a beautiful song?❤️I’m def making a cover?
    *Guys I make covers and I’ve covered her song.. YOU NEED TO CALM down.. Please give some love* ❤️?

  4. Brandon etwaru says:

    Me: Happy i see another TayTay song
    Taylor: Starts sing
    Me: Starts to cry

  5. Sianni Sparks says:

    “The archer”
    Me: So where the Sagittarius people at

  6. simran _ says:

    “Cause all of my enimies started off as friends” Damn it hit me harder than the truck.

  7. Victor Toral Reyes says:

    Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius, which is represented by the symbol of The Archer.

  8. Tehreem Tehreem says:

    I jump off the train all alone..
    This song is so deep sad satisfying at the same time…ahhh Taylor I don’t deserve you darling….I love you so much

  9. Prithvi Jayadev says:

    This is how many people who love ? Taylor Swift ?


  10. KAR YI MOK says:

    Reputation: Snake because of Taylor’s animal of Chinese Zodiac..

    Lover: The Archer because of Taylor’s birth Zodiac/ horoscope…


  11. Delicate NC says:

    5% – Lyrics
    5% – other
    90% – How this could have been a Stranger Things Soundtrack

  12. Eduardo Meza Berlín says:

    It sounds as if ir was the second part of ‘Delicate’ 😀 I really love the lyrics <3 and the album too. It has many interesting contrasts <3

  13. tan yen shawn says:

    Proud fan since the 2000s
    Go Taylorrrr

  14. Christie Schnitzler says:

    I’m getting all of the 80’s vibes from this song and it’s everything I needed and more?

  15. Adele Skinner says:

    The second verse confirms it: Taylor Swift is actually Voldemort.

  16. Cinder Everdeen says:

    Taylor: “I’m ready for combat”
    Me: I’m ready for the TOUR!!!!

  17. JASMINE T says:

    I’m getting Speak now Fearless vibezzzz????✨

    • Lauren Pyle says:

      JASMINE T completely agree. Tbh i didn’t get this kind of depth with the past 2 albums but this is giving me speak now/red vibes

  18. Rikocchi says:

    I’m not even a solid fan of Taylor Swift and yet I won’t leave her side… Just a casual fan who enjoys and recognizes real talent. ??‍♀️??

  19. ThatDopeArtist 17 says:

    It sounds like if RED and Fearless had a baby. But anyways, I love this song cause it sounds chill that you just tend to listen to the lyrics?

  20. Michael Zoliz says:

    It’s like if Getaway Car and Wildest Dream had a baby ?

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