Taylor Swift with Guest Mick Jagger Satisfaction Nashville

Taylor Swift with Guest Mick Jagger Satisfaction Nashville

Taylor Swift with special Guest Mick Jagger singing Satisfaction at the Nashville 1989 Tour Stop on 9/26/15

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20 Responses

  1. lindsey dpt says:

    Mick Jagger is amazing ! Love the rolling stones best band ever !

  2. Linda Walters-Walker says:

    I can’t even hear her! LOL

  3. A Fermin says:

    Taylor took a big risk here. She was outperformed by a mile.

  4. elvis mccartney says:

    If I never hear this song again, it will still be too soon for me.

  5. LulaGymnastics says:

    Hello that’s cool

  6. steve conn says:

    Just because has a solo album out doesn’t mean you have to lower yourself
    to this, Mick.

  7. Dreadie Andy says:

    Came for mick jagger, stayed for mick jagger…..

  8. davidfonssylolCardenas says:

    Ill smash taylor swift…yes i said it haha

  9. Adele Zierler says:

    This was really fun to watch!

  10. David Hayes says:

    Wow what an incredible performance by the two of them! I think she has
    finally shed off the last
    vestige of her country past in this performance! Rock on Taylor!

  11. oscaralextv says:


  12. Ryan Gustin says:


  13. Mark Nava says:

    I’ll have what he’s havin’

  14. Cesar Fernandez says:

    the swift, outperformed by the sexy 72 yrs old rocker!!!lol

  15. JustLouIt says:

    Holy shit they have Identical bodies

  16. ahsan idrees says:

    taylor looks really good

  17. Susan Wolf says:

    Why do you guys have to be so mean?

  18. Joe Burns says:

    The crowd is so dead because they don’t know what music is.

  19. Mr Sarajevo says:

    Is this as good as the “Tumbling Dice” performance with Springsteen?

  20. Aswin Adirono says:

    she trying to get love from every crowd… black ppl, latinos, asians, old
    people, middle-aged people… A little bit obvious still.