We add a TEACHER Impostor in Among Us

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25 Responses

  1. Insentinel says:

    Spider role: the spider can roll you up until you die. The spider can bite you which messes up your controls. And there is a scared meter, so when the spider comes up to you it scares you. There is a mini game where you try to get untangled from a web, whoever finishes last dies.

    So that’s my mod idea plz like this so sundee can see this 🙂

  2. Stuart Field says:

    Music role: everyone has a song but the devil song kills anyone that hears it
    DJ he is ammune to the devil music he plays happy music and that makes the imposter run away
    Or shall you call it the Devil DJposter the crewmates have to complete their tasks and when they do
    It gives the DJ a song that is too good and happy soo it kills the impostor!
    Pls do it sundee 💕

  3. iLL Cadaver says:

    I’m sure we can all agree this man is inspiring! Thanks for encouraging me to start YouTube 💖!

  4. Mahin Muntaha says:

    that tag trap on nivovald was so incredibly funny he just got smacked on the face

  5. The Ice Life says:

    Janitor role.
    He can make a vent trap and they get stuck in the vent. They can mop the crewmates away. He can kill and bring back to life as another janitor. And can play a mini game where the last one to pick up 5 pieces of trash and puts it in the can dies. Finally he can put a 1 minute timer for a crew member to finish 3 tasks.

  6. Andreia Monteiro says:

    Plants vs zombies role: as a zombie your powers are bite send imp mind control plants powers are pea canon sun Fri and swallow

  7. The Viper Pit says:

    I’m sure we all can agree this man is inspiring! Thanks for encouraging me to keep up my YouTube 💖!

  8. Yeet Midoriya says:

    Impostor idea: the Santa role. He can fly in his sleigh anywhere on the map, summon an army of elves to attack the chosen person where they have 20 seconds to try and survive. The impostor can also start a mini game where you have to put the right toys in the right box. The last person that does it gets, well, smashed by Santa’s rear. The final ability is that the impostor can summon a blizzard where everyone freezes for 10 seconds, unless the impostor is in Santa form. Reply and like: good or bad idea?

  9. Éclipse says:

    You should have a student mod, where everyone is a teacher and the imposter can turn into a kid. However you can level up and you start as a preschool teacher and work your way up to principle but the imposter can make you die of old age, and can set deadly apple and whoopie cushion traps.

  10. Forgotten says:

    ‘This mod is too broken’

    No Ian, you’re broken

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