Teachers During Winter, In British Schools Versus American Schools!

Teachers During Winter, In British Schools Versus American Schools!

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31 Responses

  1. Aspect says:

    It’s funny that he thinks American schools can afford milk and cookies

  2. Matt Seifman says:

    American schools there are temperature limits. However, depending on the weather there still might be class outside. The only thing is the students would be allowed to wear their jackets.

    There’s also no milk & cookies. If anything depending on the school it can be as strict as British 😉

  3. Moondew says:

    I’ve been going to American school for like seven years maybe, and my most traumatizing experience in third grade was being told to go outside right after lunch (so we didn’t have coats and stuff) and nearly freezing for forty minutes. It was like 25 degrees, and the recess aids wouldn’t let us inside cause apparently they can’t trust us

  4. Molly Gibbs says:

    In my school our gym teacher is just like the British one except we’re allowed to wear our coat if we want. The rest is accurate. You argue you’ll end up in the principals office. You don’t run, you get yelled at and get points taken off your grade.

  5. Kinoko Komori says:

    i live in minnesota so it gets really cold here, and i specifically remember times during recess in elementary school where we weren’t allowed to take OFF out coats before it was like 10 below freezing. we were all still sweating though

  6. Abigail Katerberg Colibaba says:

    I guess it depends on more specifically where you live in the US. Here in southern BC, Canada they make us go out in the cold all the time. Once they made us run laps outside in the freezing rain. It felt like icy needles stabbing my skin and half the school (not exaggerating) got sick after

  7. IntrovertedViolinist says:

    British teachers: [looks outside in their big coats, holding coffee cups and sees the torrential rain] it’s only drizzle, get back outside!

  8. G Pretzel says:

    The British schools one is so accurate 😂 having to play football in shorts and t-shirt, in the freezing cold, while it’s pissing down with raining 😭

  9. THE_KrazyCouch2 ' says:

    “Do you wanna go to the head teacher’s office?”

    “Yes please. It’s probably quite warm in there!”

  10. Lost Control says:

    I lived in Northern England as a kid, and it’s true – in December you’re wearing knee length socks, a skirt (bare upper legs!), a blouse, sweater (jumper) and blazer. That was it! No winter coat. It was very chilly most days.

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