Teacher’s zipper is down… #storytime #shorts

Teacher’s zipper is down… #storytime #shorts

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  1. Xaunts says:

    This happened to me with my substitute teacher, he got some embarrassed afterwards

  2. Denki kamanari says:

    Honestly, if I was a teacher I would come to school with pajamas

  3. RCK says:

    “Rookie mistake”
    This can go the easy way or the hard way

  4. Keyboard Smash says:

    My teacher’s fly was down on the first day of school. Nobody noticed, but she ended up telling us the next day.

  5. T says:

    If I were a teacher I’d be a highschool math professor who wears pajamas, brings in cats half the time, plays movies too often, gives out food, and still teaches math well. *Theyd love me… I’d be a highschool legend.*

    • Sharnae Pegues says:

      You’d for sure lose your job lol. You can’t just make up your own rules. The first mistake you made was going against the dress code for teachers. Also, have fun explaining the movies thing to the unexpected administrator who comes to observe you.

    • Eadlimid2009 says:

      What if there are kids allergic to cats

    • Bill Gates says:

      @fishcakes there’s nothing to dream of lol it’s literally fucking online school you can wear you pajamas at home.Not having to eat the school crappy meal and you still get to watch movies.

    • Bill Gates says:

      @Just Lex so you’re saying you would rather struggle on the street and not have a more successful life? Also I’m sure the money don’t buy happiness is a dumb phrase lol,if you could cross off not having to gone days by day of not eating and having enough money to able to spend some on yourself you would be pretty happy lol.

    • fishcakes says:

      @Bill Gates theyre talking about irl school you fucking donut

  6. Molly Harman-Page says:

    That’s embarrassing but right now I have a trainee teacher in my class he’s also a fire fighter and yesterday he got permission to bring a fire truck so we could learn about it

  7. Caitlyn says:

    Having to tell someone their zippers down is never a comfortable conversation

  8. Keira Kinnett says:

    One time my S.S. teacher went to the bathroom. Supposedly, he had to fix his hair. When he comes back he’s like “If my hair is messed up m, you gotta tell me!” And we were all sitting there confused because we didn’t even notice lol

  9. hampter boi says:

    Where I live, we would always say “Your Kennywood is open!” When someone’s zipper is down.😂

  10. Olive says:


    We kept laughing because it was so awkward. 💀💀💀

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