Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan ’97

Teaching Jake about the Camcorder, Jan ’97


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70 Responses

  1. Brookes Eggleston - Character Design Forge says:

    I think we can thank the advertising budget for Crash 4 for this one

  2. Esquirebob says:

    Remember when BDG made that video about people making fun of his laugh? What an evolution

  3. RTGame says:

    Look at you Mr Director!

  4. Connor Shaw says:

    the changing of facial hair between takes really did a great job in lowering my guard. was expecting things to get goofier instead of terrifying. well done!

    • Bread Last says:

      Really? As soon as I saw the rewind and then something changed I was like “oh this will get surreal and terrifying, won’t it?”

    • Minumer says:

      Always expect things to get terrifying, around here.

    • Matthew Morcos says:

      I know. Even though I had heard it was gonna be another horror movie, I forgot about that and was focused on finding the silly differences on Brian. Then the video hit me like a fucking truck.

    • Art and stuff productions says:

      When he didn’t say “like deja vu” the second time and the pause afterward got longer, I know it was gonna change for the worse, just didn’t know it would break the fourth wall like that.

    • supagirl277 says:

      @MJF I noticed that and that’s when it hit me that this was going to be a freaky

  5. Alexander Jones says:

    10 years from now i’m gonna be watching a trailer for a new terrifying horror movie that captivates me and it’ll say “directed by brian david gilbert” and i’ll have a heart attack

  6. Nestor Custodio says:

    I feel so jealous of all the Jakes watching this. Their experience will be so much creeper than anyone else’s, and for that I will always envy them.

  7. White Trash says:

    Another thing I really like about this, is that by the time the “final” tape starts, I no longer remember exactly how the first one was. I know it’s not the same. I have this feeling that there’s something wrong: That’s not exactly how he moved, or what he said. That is not how it’s supposed to end, but if you told me to try to exactly retell you how the original was, I wouldn’t be able to, I would probably miss something, basically creating a tape for myself.

    Weird how memories work uh?

    • Sochikki says:

      I think it’s very symbolic (as many, many people have said already) of how our memories get distorted the more we access them, and this combined with our emotions and desire to remember things a particular way creates a memory that’s much different than the event itself

    • kim says:

      same! and i never really get tired of listening/watching the same lines because every time he says it is a little bit different from before, just how when we reminisce memories again and again we forget how we really felt and how we interpret it in the first time, but at the end im surprised i honestly can’t remember what is exactly different

    • dinrufarore says:

      Especially since the main thing that changes is the facial hair… my own father’s facial hair has changed wildly over the years just from him growing and shaving and styling it on a whim. I can never remember exactly how it was…

    • TheMadsC says:

      @dinrufarore i was wondering exactly what the point of the beard changes were. But it makes more sense now, from reading this. I still felt the emotion behind the changes, and I guess I kinda knew why it was happening, in a way. But this makes it much clearer.
      Something else I thought of, that I noticed. Is when he talks directly to Jake, after a couple of rewinds. That could be like the thoughts you get between think about memories. I have at least experience that. Thinking back on something that hurt, and having the scene in your head. But at the same time thinking things like “why do I keep thinking about this, it only hurts me” and such. Thats what the dad is saying to Jake, its him thinking about why he’s doing this. And he also cuts him off multiple times, like you might try to force those thoughts away.
      Idk, just a lil headcanon I guess, lol.

    • UnknownVir says:

      @TheMadsC Interesting because this was shot on the head-Canon UCS5.

  8. Michael McGrath says:

    Brain is going to some WEIRD fucking places now that he’s independent, and I am 100% here for it

  9. Izyli says:

    Me: *starts thinking about the certain big loss, remembers the past and becomes an emotional mess at 1 am.* Oh, a new bdg video. Some good comedy may help me get my mind off of things

    The video: is what it is.

    But it might actually have been something I needed

  10. TheFoldMusic says:

    Well this is definitely gonna affect my sleep schedule.

    • Rose Aeries says:

      PLEASE I can’t sleep, I’m actually so 🥲🥲

    • Madison Myers says:

      Yup! Me too. I really want to know the context and story behind this.

      Also made this go to 1K. Not why I’m commenting though.

    • An Octopus says:

      @John Smith you ok bro? Just chill out and don’t worry yourself about an imaginary culture war. Live your life

    • Katherine Hanssler says:

      I got like 2 minutes in and uhh yeah, I’m finishing it tomorrow morning when I can see my surroundings

  11. Journey Faith says:

    I’ll never cease to be amazed by the ways BDG makes the audience uncomfortable. Legit Hollywood attempts at shocking the viewer into fear don’t compare to BDG’s unexpected eye contact or weird-ass scream/yell/laugh.

  12. LongboardTV says:

    Cant believe the guy who sang about having shingles is making me feel this way

  13. TOUCH Me!! To Have [S]- EX With Me says:

    Adore that this is just pure horror. No jumpscares, nothing over the top; just an unsettling atmosphere and fear of the unknown. Excellent stuff as always ☺️

  14. Safiyya Ga says:

    I don’t know why but when the dad was talking to Jake, telling him that he should stop rewinding, I cried

  15. Xela says:

    Back when it was Swedes and the Autobiography, I just assumed the creepiness was comedic effect and an oddball approach to the punchline. Once we hit Jorts the theory got a little more twisted about his approach to humorous videos. Now with $20k per month and this, I finally understand that Brian’s true calling was not Polygon or video games.

    Brian David Gilbert is destined to be a horror film director.

    Godspeed, you be-shingled emperor.

  16. Mitchell Davis says:


  17. fabian freund says:

    me: “oh look a video by internet funny man brian david gilbert”
    me: *clicks on this video thinking its going to be a comady like normal*
    the video: *is a great phychological horror*
    me: “…”
    me: “well then… i wan’t execting to get scared today but you have played me brain david gilgert.”

  18. Jake Ells says:

    Gonna be honest here and admit that when the “Say something Jake” followed by the blank stare part hit I put down my soup and don’t think I’ll touch it again for the rest of the night.

  19. TimeBucks says:

    There wasn’t a single jumpscare in the entire video only makes it scarier

    • asdfasdf1331 says:

      I just scrolled down to check for jumpscare warnings (I’m at @6:20), and I’m going to be grumpy if I have to come back down here to complain because I just got jumpscared.

      ETA: Ok then. Attaboy.

    • Shannon Bennetts says:

      Yeah was gonna say I was really appreciative of the lack of jumpscares 😅

    • Svenderman says:

      i was waiting for one the entire time and it never came

    • Michael Triggs says:

      I think there’s a very subtle jump scare near the end. More unsettling than frightening. It leaves me with more questions than answers.

    • Nolan Hackett says:

      Not exactly jump scare but there were definitely two moments of extra special unsettling events

  20. StevieIsInBand says:

    Yes it is unsettling, but I think it’s more sad than anything. It’s a story about loss and grief and trying to hold on. Jake obviously lost his father at a very young age and is trying desperately to hold on to what little he can remember of him. Jake is watching the tape, but it’s metaphorical of the few memories he has of his father. As time goes on, and he rewinds the tape over and over, things change. He starts to forget what his dad’s hair was like, and then he forgets words, and then after so long, his conscience steps in to tell him to finally step away. To let go. I think the end is metaphorical of how even though Jake is holding on so tightly, he’ll never be able to remember forever, and at some point, the memory of his dad just… slips away.
    Edit: Also, when that tall figure shows up, I think it’s the reality of Jake’s fathers death creeping back into Jake’s mind. He’s trying to keep it out with these tapes and memories, but he can’t escape the truth forever.

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