Teaching My Dog To Box

Teaching My Dog To Box

This is the greatest boxing training of All Time

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64 Responses

  1. Dio Brando, Your lord says:

    “let me show you how i protected hidden leaf, tetra”
    The Hidden Leaf village’s hero that they didn’t deserve, but the hero they needed.

  2. Orbbbital says:

    Charlie is teaching Tetra too much, pretty soon the dog is gonna be enlisted in the US Army

  3. Redwingz Ftw says:

    Okay I’m starting to notice Charlie looks like Keanu from John Wick

  4. Judah B says:

    Shouldnt this be in pay per view?

  5. Stanky Tree says:

    I had no choice but to smile during this entire video

  6. Kenya Africa says:

    *Day 17 of No Nut November, man believes he can communicate with dog*

  7. Thomaz987 says:

    I was waiting for charlie to hit the floor unconscious

  8. Travis Eddie says:

    Day 1 of requesting Charlie to put LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga on to the Moist Meter

  9. CenTz says:

    Im calling PETA right now, poor Charlie getting abused by his cruel owner

  10. Jason Luevano says:

    Day 1 on asking Charlie to put Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga on moist meter.

  11. ChaoticDucky says:

    I love how he starts to scream at the end of the video and it just cuts off.

  12. Dream server admin says:

    Day one of commenting to get LEGO Star Wars the complete saga on the moist meter

  13. CenTz says:

    Tetra please dont being too hard with Charlie, he’s not that fast of a learner

  14. 100 subcribers with no videos? says:

    My last two brain cells during a test that I know ill get the usual 42 on

  15. Aidan Keogh says:

    Day 1 of joining Legatus in asking for Charlie to review LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga on the Moist Meter

  16. Galaxy Guy says:

    Day 3 of me joining supreme leader Legatus and my fellow comrades to ask Charlie for a moist meter on Lego Star Wars: the complete saga.

  17. Atomic Munchies says:

    Day 1 of asking charlie to review lego star wars on moist meter. JOIN THE FIGHT EVERYONE!!!!!

  18. Berd says:

    Getting some hardcore ricky berwick vibes

  19. Miguel Ortiz says:

    Wheres that LEGO Star Wars action the people crave

  20. Zeino says:

    Penguinz0 on trending? Christmas came early this year wowww!

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