Team USA SHOCKS JAMAICA for women’s 4×100 world title | NBC Sports

Team USA SHOCKS JAMAICA for women’s 4×100 world title | NBC Sports

The American team of Melissa Jefferson, Abby Steiner, Jenna Prandini, and TeeTee Terry stunned the star-studded Jamaican squad for a surprising world title in the women’s 4x100m relay

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Team USA SHOCKS JAMAICA for women’s 4×100 World Title | NBC Sports

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35 Responses

  1. Dolores Francis says:

    Melissa got us off to a great start! Abby held it down! Jenna DESTROYED that curve! And TT held on for dear life! Congrats ladies!

    • LaReine Lester says:

      @anthony rizzo That was amazing! All of the US team are young too so this is an amazing start for their careers.

    • Emmanuel Asu says:

      @Mongo Slade The difference in the handoff eats up more time than the difference personal in personal splits

    • Eric Dawson says:

      @#29 ??

    • d crosdale says:

      I agree. But the Jamaican team management made a bad decision to use a runner that hardly any of us knew to replace Brianna Williams who still holds the Jamaican under 20 record. Compare this start to the Tokyo race . I don’t mind Jamaica losing they need to lose to get better.

  2. Alana Matthews says:

    I feel like crying because I didn’t think the USA could hold off the Jamaicans but they did it. 3 of the legs are fresh out of college and haven’t been running professionally long. Only the 3rd leg for the USA has been running professionally long. Those babies did it and I’m soooo proud… 😘😘😘

  3. Kenneth Williams says:

    What a race!!!!!!!!!!! Melissa Jefferson, Abby Steiner, Jenna Prandini, and TeeTee Terry got it done!!!!!!!!!! Great job ladies!! You make us proud!!!!!!!

  4. Killa dawgs!! says:

    That last leg was legendary…this rivalry is gonna get intense, it just put women’s track back in effect for real!

    • Killa dawgs!! says:

      @Lena Francis yes they did…one thing about the Jamaicans, they can close on u quickly if u have a lead. Usain bolt was the goat of that!

    • Lena Francis says:

      Yes I was thinking the same thing. They all did amazing

  5. Kirk Talley says:

    Tee tee with the strong finish! Gave me chills. What a finish! Let’s go USA!!!

  6. Kid Blue 💙 says:

    That 3rd leg by Jenna was CRAZY! She was running against the GOAT women’s sprinter of all time and held her own! Amazing!

  7. C.MichelleJohnson says:


  8. DwayneIsKing says:

    I cannot believe it 😭. Team Jamaica has been the class of the world and straight BEASTS. Hella proud of the American women 💪🏿

  9. Joan Finholt says:

    Prandini was the glue ! She is a terrific curve runner and also executes handoffs so well.

    • C J says:

      1st leg for USA set the tone with that huge lead.

    • John Capo says:

      what is the meaning of Prandini in 10 languages
      answer – rocket
      # god mode
      # nasa mode
      # goat mode
      # eat my dust mode
      # beast mode

    • John Capo says:

      what is the meaning of Prandini in 10 languages
      answer – rocket

    • Matthew Dershewitz says:

      Yeah America’s anchor didn’t get out fast enough. Jamaica was even worse. Had Jackson started off properly, they would have won

    • Julius Crosslin says:

      First and third leg did amazing but as a group it was put together well

  10. Lacole Smith says:

    Wow, I didn’t see us beating Jamaica. These young ladies ran amazing! That 3rd leg on that curve was everything. Congratulations 💕

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