Tears of the Kingdom – FINAL Trailer Analysis (Zelda)

Tears of the Kingdom – FINAL Trailer Analysis (Zelda)

Let’s break down the FINAL prerelease trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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38 Responses

  1. Zeltik says:

    What have I missed? What have you noticed? Let me know! 👀

  2. Happy Accident Productions says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since we’ve seen Ganondorf.

  3. gTAYLOR28 says:

    The musical cues were absolutely sensational – there were about 5 musical moments where the hairs on my arm stood straight up. Incredible.

    • gTAYLOR28 says:

      @Benjo I think it will – the calamity of this game seems more intense & dark, so I think it’ll be slightly more dramatic & intense musically

    • Benjo says:

      yea, i noticed that too. Hope the music will be more intense in this one, unlike the subtile themes of BotW.
      My dream would be for Link to wield an important instrument again but i doubt thats in there

    • Nightmare Productions says:

      Same here but it was my head that got goosebumps

  4. Lara Schroeder says:

    I just realised that Sidon is dawning a crown and shoulder pieces that greatly resemble King Dorphans attire!
    I think that in the years since Link saved Hyrule, Sidon was crowned king!!!

    • Caralena Lindberg says:

      Seriously hope the king didn’t die though. I liked the giant whale man, he was cool and I don’t want Sidon to lose another member of his family😭

    • Playful Fruit says:

      Hell yeah. Our boyfriend is a king now.

  5. MegaUnderflow says:

    Zeltik is such a master of breakdowns that you could send him a batch of cookies and get a basket of the ingredients you used back lol

  6. Cyrikyty says:

    32:33 To me that material in the Boko’s Backpack looks like fire chuchu jelly. Remember that in the gameplay demonstration white chuchu jelly was used to make ice arrows. Red chuchu jelly likely makes fire arrows, and enemies can take advantage of that too based on this shot. I think the Ruby probably makes a bomb arrow, since it would be incredibly expensive to use one for just a fire arrow.

    • grunchtastic christmas says:

      maybe the gem arrows are just boosted versions with a big radius, so it’s like a fire bomb

  7. Drawingrat60 says:

    It would make sense that Ganondorf has the Gorons’ tear. The Gorons and Death Mountain are closely tied to Din, Goddess of Power. And seeing as Ganondorf wields her triforce of Power, it only makes sense for him to have the teardrop of power too. It’s his thing.

  8. NoL says:

    Only Zeltik could turn a 4 minute trailer into a nearly hour long breakdown lol

  9. Gundle says:

    The new Zelda-like character looks EXACTLY like the princess from the Calamity tapestry. We haven’t seen the ancient hero yet, but it’s funny how Ganondorf has the closest color scheme to match him.

  10. Robin von YouTube says:

    And maybe for everyone: It is mentioned the place in the desert does not fit anywhere into BOTW, but it does! @lookslikezelda and I discovered the place you see at 11:03 is in fact Arbiter’s Ground, viewed from north to south. You can see the ruins on the left side with the glowing stone in the middle. The order of the columns fits perfectly. If you imagine the BOTW-map it would be between Arbiter’s Ground and the Gerudo Great Skeleton – just close to Dragon’s Exile, which would perfectly fit to the dragon theme of the Zonai. So excited!

    • Benjo says:

      lmao, there is a lookslikelink too, its a german tho
      edit: wait, she is german too? Illuminati confirmed

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