Teaser | Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Disney+

Teaser | Percy Jackson and the Olympians | Disney+

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21 Responses

  1. Jacob Lane says:

    The opening narration mirroring the first few lines from the book has got me excited and can’t wait to see how much more care and detail is being put into this show

    • Gianna says:

      @Xavier Jose G. Jose I saw the show and the books were my childhood favorite, and while it was technically accurate they didn’t portray the dry, dark, witty humor right. They just turned it into dumb slipping on banana peel humor. The special part of the books was how dark it was, nothing every went right and while it was tragic it was sadly funny in a dark way. They don’t do that in either the movie or the tv show.

    • Zurvan Mooney says:

      @Mercedes Galindo well, a tv series has more time than a movie to stay faithful to the source material. So, I guess it all depends on who’s watching. Is the viewer someone who prefers originality and source material faithfulness or do they just watch movies and never read the books?

    • Xavier Jose G. Jose says:

      @Mercedes Galindo A Series of Unfortunate events was accurate or so I was told. It wasn’t bad but after a while it got stale.

    • Mercedes Galindo says:

      @Zurvan Mooney is that a good or a bad indication?

    • Zurvan Mooney says:

      Just like how Netflix did A Series Of Unfortunate Events

  2. coda says:

    i’ve always loved the way the characters made their world sound real and made you feel included in the book’s introductions. the little geek i was used to memorize these things word for word. hearing it now in the trailer makes me feel like a little kid again :’)

  3. Sam the Clam says:

    I have been waiting for this for such a long time. I can’t believe this masterpiece of a show is finally coming out and is going to be good! This show will change the cinematic world forever! I am so exited! I love the execution of the setting, the characters, and the overall vibe! The location is exactly how I imagined it and there could be no better actor for Percy than Walker! When I heard Disney was adapting my favorite book series of all time, I was so extremely happy! Now that I see an actual teaser trailer from Disney I cannot describe my happiness! Rick Riordan approves of this show and that makes everything even better!

  4. Jay More says:

    Read the series to my students and loved it. The fact that the characters are kids dealing with the revelation that their Demi-gods is one thing. But how Riordan made the idea of them feeling abandoned relatable to kids who feel like that in real life is just incredible.

  5. firefliesowlcity12 says:

    I’m still adjusting a bit to the shift (still have a very specific image in my mind of what Percy looks like) but the acting is superb and I can believe that this IS Percy. Combined with the set design and music and I’m really blown away. I’m eagerly anticipating the first full trailer where we can hopefully get the full core cast and the reveal of Riptide.

  6. Nihaal Fatima says:

    This literally feels so unreal, the aesthetics, the setting, the cabins and the demigods, all of it is literally how I imagined it to be like it’s literally how I always wanted it to be I’ve waited so long for this along with so many other people and this looks so promising, I can’t wait 😭😭😭😭😭

    • Nihaal Fatima says:

      @Maul ik I’m hoping for it to be better too, I don’t understand why the person above felt the need to tell me the movies existed. I already know the movies exist and ik they were VERY disappointing which is why I have high hopes for this series because the production team are doing everything they can to make it faithful to the books or maybe even better

    • Maul says:

      @Nihaal Fatima The point is for years ever since those movies came out disney has been planning this series. They chose actors that where to old in the movies so they where forced to fit seven books into two movies. Hopefully since it is a show it will be better.

    • M. says:


    • yasmine choerry's cherry says:

      @yer dad we know it’s going to be worth the hype, we’re talking about Rick Riordan

    • Nihaal Fatima says:

      @GOOBANGI yes and they were terrible, your point?

  7. J Lab says:

    Reading Percy Jackson as a kid really got me to love reading and getting into the fantasy genre.

    Rick Riordan literally started my love for books. Now that there’s a Tv show coming, its like my childhood all over again. Can’t wait for this series to come out!

  8. Your Average Guy says:

    The respect the creative teams have for the source materials. I will forever love Disney+ now for this series.

  9. Angel Dust says:

    As a fan of the books, this is all i could have ever wished for. I am so glad that Rick Riordan had a lot to say in this adaption so I dont have any doubts that it will absolutely do the books justice. Also Walker totally fits Percys role so much, I cant wait to see more!

  10. Lily says:

    ….i can’t even express how excited i am for this, it looks absolutely amazing and definitely has the potential to become as big as harry potter if disney+ promotes it the right way

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