Tech N9ne – Just Die? (Intro 1) | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Tech N9ne – Just Die? (Intro 1) | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Tech N9ne – Just Die? (Intro 1) | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO
#TechN9ne #JustDie #ENTERFEAR
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Hip Hop/Rap | Strange Music

Produced by: Dame Tha Producer

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70 Responses

  1. Allen Lucas says:

    Technicians this is ethereal. His opera like vocals never cease to amaze me.

    • KlusterFuk says:

      Opera? Have you heard opera singers before? Guess not.

    • Allen Lucas says:

      @KlusterFuk I have heard opera singers . And my point is his range with his voice reminds of them . Its angelic and different. That’s what I like about tech . He’s unique and boldly himself.

  2. Stoned TechN9cian says:

    god dwamn Tech, this definitely has that stress relief, uralya, love 2 dislike me feel. 🤘 Awhoo3X Whoop Whoop

  3. williano says:

    Super inspirational especially in a dark scary time like this . This song makes me want to live, fight, and gives me hope !!

  4. Brady R says:

    Played this to my pet lizard it turned into Godzilla 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Tae Peters says:

    Like this if tech will always be in yo top 5 💪😁

  6. Johnny Malone says:

    None of us as strange fans would wanna see tech die. But us as humans we gotta realize its certain. Tech just know we all love you and your music even the day you decide to hang up the mic. We will always respect your craft and you as a real MC. You’ve made the number 1 independent record label in the world tech thats huge. And it goes up! Respect to the Tech! Snake n Bat mfs

    • Sharcodile says:

      Why are you talking about him dying? Hes not like close to death?

    • Johnny Malone says:

      @Sharcodile I’m not talkin about him dying lol. Most people read my comment with the wrong intention. In the track he says “How bout I just die?, inside I just cry, FUCK THAT SHIT” that line lets me know that he’s sayin fuck what everyone else says. He’s talkin to the haters in this.Thats why he puts a question mark after “Just die”. In reference to that line I just quoted he’s pretty much sayin fuck the haters. All I said is none of us would wanna see that. And that all of us will support him. I’m not implying that he’s close to dying or wantin to die when I say that

    • Groovy Casper Entertainment says:

      Strange music👁🗣

    • Cothk says: nothing too special just a meme

    • King Ugly says:

      Suicide letters all over again

  7. Shane Honeycutt says:

    Self made lyrical genius. There is no comparison to Tech.

  8. GameAce Plays says:

    “Tech, how many different flows do you wanna use?”


  9. Andrew Atwell says:

    What media outlet said he rushed his shit? Curious to know

    • Robert Cordova7 says:

      Like they say every artist has a contract end and kutt was jealous definently I agree but he should of stayed and master his craft more,tech is one of the few artist that will sign you to the label out of competition winnings witch is dope af,strange also gives a platform for artist to start getting big then letting them on their own or they can stay and still be big.

    • tyson smith says:

      @Default User weird. If that were the case i wonder why tech and trav literally paid off jay rocks contract when he was stuck signed him to a album deal just to let him govto TDE. Theres buisness involved in everything. If you cant handle the demanding tour schedule and push that strange music gives then you shouldnt have signed in the first place. Theres a reason tech still holds the world record for longest rap tour in least amount of days. Kutt was jealous which is why he left and look where he is now…unfortunately nowhere. Rittz contract expired and startes his own label. Skat and snugg never moved units at all so they were let go. Jay trilogy signed and fell off the map costing tech n trav money for nothing. Lynch was done with making music when he left and then started doing little bits here and there after about a year of being unsigned. Darrien was a little cry baby that couldnt handle the process. Above waves moved on and went nowhere. So tell me who aint getting paid? You have to put in the work to make the money. If you wont go on tour or make albums why the fuck would a label pay you?

    • DestrYo says:

      @93hahayougotme Sure why not. But I liked most of his work even the new stuff. Gotta say that the N9NA album is getting liked by many people who liked old Tech. So give it a listen maybe you will like it. Also Planet is underrated imo. Brightfall is just too good

    • Yaumine Paxton says:

      Also, rittz was paid. He did an interview, can’t remember the interviewer name, adam something, I think but rittz said he made a little over half a million dollars maybe even close to a million and lost a lot of due to helping people

  10. Mayra67 Soto says:

    Heard this track like 4 times an it gets better every time

  11. Jacob Short says:

    Damn, coming with the heat. Not a shock. Tech has been known to spit flames! He continues to improve, while a lot after this long in the game fall off.

  12. Rado Sław says:

    Nike: Just do it.
    Tech N9ne: Just die.

  13. Ohhdeeds says:

    20 years of Strange shit, and I still retain this sick language I came with

  14. Axis Clark says:

    This vibe i was on this morning. Techn9cians. magic black like the suits they wearing for the investigations.

  15. Agha Noor Vlogs says:

    Tech N9ne music is so much better than everyother rapper in the game😃

  16. Professional Face Puncher says:

    1:27 that signing got me feeling like K.O.D era “hunger” or like “Pinocchio”

  17. Blind Devil says:

    I still can’t resist giving Tech LIKE for whatever he done. Even though when I don’t like a song of his I still give him like. He has the obvious effort u can sensor through whatever he drops.

  18. Cymbal_ Slasher2x says:

    Tech doesn’t get the love he deserves. his flow is unlike any other. Definitely a goat 🐐

  19. Mitos says:

    This hits harder than Mike Tysons uppercut

  20. SamsonGetsMeLifted says:

    “Tech how many years you been killing it for? ”


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