Tech N9ne – Sriracha (Feat. Logic & Joyner Lucas)

Tech N9ne – Sriracha (Feat. Logic & Joyner Lucas)

Tech N9ne “Sriracha” ft. Logic & Joyner Lucas
Preorder –
Official Hip Hop Song | Strange Music
The Storm | 12.9.2016

Tech N9ne “Sriracha” ft. Logic & Joyner Lucas
taken from The Storm, available 12/9!
Preorder –

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Prod. by Seven

Technicians! Get ready to immerse yourself in The Storm!
This thunderous masterpiece from Tech N9ne hits stores on 12/9,
but here’s your chance to preorder the album that takes
Tech’s career full-circle and there’s nothing Calm about it.

There are 4 versions of The Storm available for preorder,
including a deluxe package. ALL versions will include
a limited edition The Storm t-shirt (XL only),
a Strange Music sticker and 1 free MP3 download track.
Learn more here –

Check out music from the album:
KINGDOM – Erbody But Me –
CLOWN TOWN – I Get It Now –
G.ZONE – What If It Was Me –

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19 Responses

  1. familie fijma says:

    Logic + Tech N9ne = FIRE!

  2. ThePikachuvirus says:

    Joyner? the guy who did the Panda remixes?

  3. Marty ? says:

    holy FUCK this collab did not just happen…….

  4. AlreadyUsedBruh says:

    “They say i’m the best at what I do.” Well yeah its true!

  5. KxLLNxCKY 666 says:

    did this just happen?

  6. King Kruel says:

    Here before this blows up…. Holy fuck…

  7. Daan H says:

    Yooo are these guys rapping over hot sauce LOL

  8. Youtube name says:

    Am I the only one finding some of techs new choruses corny and cringy?

  9. Prince Dillard says:

    Logic and Tech are two of my favorite MC’s of all time. And Joyner just
    Renegaded their asses!

  10. LackOfskill says:

    I literally said oh shit when I got the notification for this!!

  11. Marcus Persson says:

    This collab is the definition of Sriracha holy mother fucking fuck

  12. P Win says:

    joyner owned the track

  13. Jazz says:

    Lets just say, here before 5 million

  14. Yusef Ali says:

    Logic sounds like he’s freestyling off the top lol

  15. Ares says:

    Biggest logic fan but he was kind of disappointing

  16. Robert Southern says:

    Boy this dropped during school and listened to it for the rest of it

  17. Griffin Patrick says:

    All the versus are dope as hell but man that hook is fucking awful

  18. Logic Life says:

    You can tell logic didn’t have much time for his verse, still fire! ?

  19. Ale Barajas says:

    “Blowing they mind like Kennedy” lol that’s fucked up but ???