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  1. TheBerylfly says:

    Techno dying after saying “It’s this pink, right?” gotta be some of the funniest shit I’ve seen in my life

  2. OwO says:

    Love the fact that Techno got ‘Potato Chips’ as a theme, like the game knew Techno was playing the guessing game.

  3. Matthew Bowley says:

    Crazy how the words “starting the stream” bring my life it’s only joy

  4. Aryan Girijan says:

    Bois, once techno reaches 10 mil we need techno’s other elbow reveal

    • Vitamin Luke says:

      I just realized his remaining mystery elbow is on his right arm where the cancer appeared. On the one hand, we as a community shouldn’t pressure him to reveal his arm, which was just operated on. On the other hand, it’s all so obvious in retrospect now that the immense power radiating from his elbow couldn’t be tolerated by his adjacent tissue.

    • chen hao says:

      Nah we need a knee reveal

    • adam says:

      no we need a webcam and video combined

  5. Sun Tzu The Author Of War says:

    “If you know your enemy, and you know yourself, that doesn’t matter. Because it’s a 1 v 80k.” -Me, The Art Of Slowly Increasing Fear

  6. DepositMe GT says:

    When the world needed him the most, he returned!

  7. Aristotle Shadow says:

    “its because I’m a man, okay. this game is sexist.” -Sun Tzu, the art of Minecraft

  8. TheAdvertisement says:

    26:40 Technoblade saying it’s been 50 years implies he’s been playing for over 50, meaning it’s possible some might’ve trained 100 years to kill him by now.

  9. Kale says:

    The first person in the live chat, and all they can say is “E A SPORTS TO THE GAME” lmao

  10. ShortHax says:

    It’s always good to make sure that your waffles have sand. After all, society betrayed the sandwhich

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