technoblade joins tiktok

technoblade joins tiktok

uploading this here so that you don’t have to download the app and so that i can make Twenty Dollars in ad revenue. i am @iamtechnoblade

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73 Responses

  1. Technothepig says:

    just joined to dunk on impersonators don’t download the app expecting me to actually post anything lmao

  2. sweven - says:

    floof is the only proof that he’s technoblade definitely not the deep struggling voice in the background

  3. Nate Alyn says:

    FLOOF LOOK AT THE CAMERA! FLOOOOOF! Literally anyone with a dog understands how hard it can be to get your dog to look at you when the camera is out but they will stare at you ALL DAY FOR NO REASON!

  4. PigPong says:

    floof my beloved 🥰

  5. Feathery Coffee says:

    Can’t wait for all the usernames to be *_IamSootInnitNotFoundWasTaken_*

  6. Eiman B says:

    your voice just deepened by 6 levels by holding a floofy puppy

  7. Hello there :P says:

    I asked my mum what she thought about calling a dog floof and she said “I bet the parents regret letting the child call their dog that.” 😂 techno…. my mum thinks ur a child

    • SgwiggleMon Squiggles says:

      Isn’t the Odd1sOut dog named Floof too XD

    • Nyerguds says:

      @Zero_Gravity58 No, he just said that (at his household) everyone just ended up calling the dog “Floof” because he’s a fluffy little thing, and the name stuck. It had nothing to do with his fanbase, and in fact it’s still likely that his younger sister came up with it, for exactly the reasons OP gave, and the fact the dog was bought for her.

    • Omnitroph says:

      @SgwiggleMon Squiggles Yes

    • Jeffrey Lastname says:

      what about theodd1sout then?

  8. lluucciikk says:

    Me watching all of the impersonators delete their accounts: 🍿🍿🍿

  9. Khokoro says:

    Video:”Floof look at the camera”
    Millions of people : *Interesting*

    I swear Techno could post his avatar looking at the screen for 15secs and people would still watch it

  10. dez says:

    Next up: Technoblade gets banned from tiktok for no apparent reason

  11. DeeD EddE says:

    “TECH-nical difficulties”

    Ok I’m sorry I’ll disappear and never reappear

  12. Berries says:

    Floof: “Why do i get dragged from these kinds of sh*t ? ” 🐩

  13. Yis Pinto says:

    He didin’t even degrade, still kept his personality

  14. Salutations YT! says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact techno still hasn’t revealed his other elbow to us.

  15. The First Disciple says:

    Only real fans know the wall reveal came in his hit video, “dog”

  16. xarna says:

    Floof, in the final moments of the video: ฅu•ﻌ•uฅ

  17. Ashfer2 says:

    Then Ranboo freaked out bc they have similar walls and immediately posted his own Tiktok to compare them. Lmao What a hilarious turn of events.

  18. Wummydragon says:

    Lol Ranboo on stream replied to Technoblade like: “Technoblade we have similar walls”

    It was so funny

  19. AJTHEBOLD says:

    I’ve been waiting for this day….

  20. Pixelcraftian says:

    Didn’t want my organs anyway 🙄

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