Technoblade Pig is here

Technoblade Pig is here

For all players to use.

Download for Java Edition (1.19):
*Optifine required.

Bedrock Edition add-on (by Koi.戀):
*If this doesn’t work, please don’t hesitate to email me with a submission.

Thank you to Omniv for enabling the nametag change.

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31 Responses

  1. YelloWool says:

    Hopefully Mojang does something like this. It would be such a great tribute.

    • Melodrama TwT says:

      @Chase 🐷👑 Babe are you slow…? In what world does “shot down” = ignore???? Like do you not understand how arguments work orrr, shooting a point down means you prove it wrong. Can’t believe I gotta explain the simplest things so in depth 😟

    • monke says:


    • VixtorG says:


    • monke says:

      @ICan’tThinkOfAUsername I hope it’s a permanent thing and that it acts similar to the toast Easter egg because if you didn’t already know if you name a rabbit toast it gets a unique texture based off of a lost rabbit that belonged to one of the developers So I think they’ll most likely do something similar with pigs and technoblade the commemorate him and I mean if they do just make it a temporary thing we’re all pigs look like him that would be disappointing

  2. MrWilliamo says:

    This is awesome, hopefully they add it to the official game

  3. DiamondPiggy1221 says:

    The fact Minecraft even made a tribute to him just shows that technoblade will never truly die. It shows how much he changed the community and how his passing has shook it. I think it’s gonna take a while for everyone to recover, just because he had moved us that much

  4. Koi.戀 says:

    Thanks for sharing my Bedrock Edition add-on. ✨
    Hope this gets added into the vanilla Minecraft version soon.

  5. OnlyPopple says:

    I would love to see a cape being an additional feature with the crown, and it would be even cooler if when you first gave the pig the “Technoblade” name tag, there was a 5% or so chance of it summoning a lightning bolt when named.

  6. iDeactivateMC says:

    This would be a beautiful addition to Minecraft

  7. Hypixel YouTuber says:

    Idk but Mojang has to do it now.

  8. Odin - Gaming and Wrestling says:

    If they added this, it would be a legendary tribute to a legendary minecraft player and most of all… a legendary human being. Even in his final days, he stayed positive to the maximum. Fly high, Techno.

  9. Toaster says:

    I wish mojang would add this permanently, everyone knows he was such a big person in the minecraft community, and if they do, he never will die

  10. DoubtlessCar0 says:

    I think the whole community would really appreciate this being added to the official game.

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