Ted Cruz booed off stage at RNC for not endorsing Donald Trump

Ted Cruz booed off stage at RNC for not endorsing Donald Trump

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20 Responses

  1. Vince Noriega says:

    Get off the stage Ted Lose! That selfish phony made it all about himself.
    Sore loser, he needs to suck it up and support Trump! We can’t have that
    criminal Hillary in the white house!

  2. Shenna says:

    all he needs is a wig and he’s the spitting image of my Aunt Hilda

  3. Joseph Palau says:

    Ted Cruz will go down in political history as a major SCUMBAG….

  4. ByeWig says:

    seem like the BOOING did not start until the DUMP came lol

  5. BODY OF LIGHT says:

    I’m from TEXAS.

  6. Scott W says:

    shut up cruz

  7. Mal Mal says:

    his career is over…Ted should be ashamed of himself

  8. bambi lackner says:

    Trump a loser, I think what I’m getting in this part of the speech, when
    he’s talking about his father fleeing Cuba, is him actually saying my
    family would not be in this great country if it wasn’t a free one. Donald
    Trump wants to close off the god damn borders for Christ sake, which means
    we will not be a free country. who the hell are we to keep anyone from
    entering this country to make a better life for their family. Jesus Christ
    he wants to post armed guards to shoot innocent people, and for what
    because they want a better life.so are you telling me if a women with
    children is trying to get into this country (you) are okay with them being
    shot down?” I say you”because anyone voting for him is saying it’s okay. I
    understand about Americans being upset with the whole job issue thing, but
    I think there is other ways to handle that. police need to start stopping
    people on the street, going to job sites” especially the places they know
    have a high rate of immigrate workers, and asking for papers. I don’t think
    anyone should be here illegally ” how many countries would you find
    Americans in illegally” hardly any. if we have to have papers to be in a
    country to live, work, and pay taxes.than people coming here should have to
    too. I think anyone picked up should not be thrown back into their country,
    but should instead be giving legal documentation to stay here and pay taxes
    like everyone else. after a good background check of course. if they can’t
    pass that than they need to be booted back.

  9. robbie eid says:

    I’ll never vote for Ted Cruz never I won’t even consider it typical
    buttwipe establishment politician. goodbye asshole

  10. scott Johnson says:

    I’ll admit our current pick isn’t the greatest of our elections but what a
    poor loser.

  11. Scout 1000 says:

    The Trump supporters are going to cause Trump to lose votes. I think he
    just lost mine.

  12. Joe Freeman says:

    Cruz along with all the Republican candidates during the primaries
    promised, on stage, in front of the American people, promised to support
    the eventual winner and Republican candidate for President. No ifs, no
    ands, no except fors.

    He lied. Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.

    Trump called him right in the primaries: LYIN TED.

    I would not vote for Cruz EVER after this blatant lie, not even for second
    assistant to the underdogcatcher in East Bumfuck ND.

  13. Johnathan Barnes says:

    Rnc starting look like a wwe ring

  14. Chris Logan says:

    Ted Cruz showed that he was the bigger man. Grow up Trump supporters!

  15. roadforrunner says:

    Maybe if he dresses like kiss,things would go a little better.

  16. bctvguy says:

    With his childlike behavior, Cruz just lost any chance to ever be
    President. Even Texas delegates booed him. No way will he have a place in
    Trump’s administration. What a clueless fool Ted is.

  17. Michael Cassady says:

    That guy is a worm.

  18. StephenRahrig says:

    What a dork!!

  19. Summer Sunrise says:

    El Raton Cruz did not honor the pledge he signed. Very dishonorable!

  20. allboydogs says:

    What a cry baby him and Bush should have a pity party