Ted Cruz to DACAmented Youth: As President, I Will Deport You

Ted Cruz to DACAmented Youth: As President, I Will Deport You

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20 Responses

  1. Tool0GT92 says:

    A country must have defined borders and be able to choose who they want
    that is how they survive. Cruz is absolutely right, sorry you “feel sad”
    when you broke the law.

  2. TheGuyYouCantStand says:

    Dont like Ted at all….but god damn that was a good response.

  3. Sam Delfin says:

    The law may be harsh but that is the law. Dura lex sed lex applied….

  4. Stoney Curtis says:

    Fuck Ted Cruz…
    This Canadian born loser will never be president.

  5. Fredrik Johansson says:

    And the guy actually gets applause, that’s fucked up, she has most likely
    worked harder just in the time she has been in the USA than that fuck has
    in his entire life. But hey, deport all illegal immigrants and se your
    country collapse. Who do you think actually picks the vegetables you have
    on your table, who slaughters the animals you eat, the list goes on and on.

  6. Michelle Rodriguez says:

    this child did not break the law…….her parents did so unfortunately she
    has to suffer from the sins her parents made.

  7. Roland Rice says:

    I don’t support him, but I do agree with him all the way on this, I’m not
    sure whether to dislike or not because the title makes it seem as if he’s
    bad but what he said makes perfect sense

  8. Kay Bayarjargal says:

    The amount of horse manure that comes out of this man’s mouth is a ton when
    you’re losing to Donald fucking tramp you have no hope

  9. pame546 says:

    What a dick!

  10. Connor Dunn says:

    I have nothing against legal immigration. After all I’m a second generation
    German-American and my grandmother immigrated to the US after WW2. Although
    I support legal immigration l am completely against illegal immigration.
    There are numerous negative consequences caused by massive amounts of
    illegal immigration. We have to uphold our immigration laws and punish
    those who break it.

  11. man bat says:

    while yes it may be true we were not the first to immigrate your ancestors
    took the Indians land and Mexico’s land so when are y’all going back Europe

  12. Dinkus Nation says:

    This is why Ted Cruz can be a retard

  13. GWR83 says:

    Very good response

  14. Krankx24x says:

    Good for him.

  15. Gustavo Sanchez says:

    Lol, Ted Cruz isn’t even from the USA.

  16. Jaime Perez says:

    Some people or kids came here by no choice. I was born in Mexico and raised
    here when I was 1 year and half old. I’m breaking the law? He’s saying I
    had a choice and I choose to break it. America doesn’t give immigrants to
    chance to live here. If they did you think people would come here

  17. Anthony Depaz says:

    The people in Cuba that come here illegally they get a pass to the us still

  18. Tammy Post says:

    see ya mother fuckers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!id vote for him just saying that

  19. marcus akara says:

    a true jew c*ck sucker puppet.

  20. Alberto Martinez says:

    We should do it differently here in the US instead. We’re not like the
    European countries, we’re American.