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Teens React to the very first time they appeared on Kids React! Watch to see their reaction!

Videos Featured in this episode:
Kids React to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer

Kids React to Star Wars Kid

Kids React to Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City

This episode features the following Teens:
Everhet, age 17
Bryson, age 18
Seth, age 18

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Teens React to Themselves on Kids React!

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20 Responses

  1. FBE says:

    Get ready for more React-Ception coming soon – thanks to all these amazing reactors sharing their lives with FBE and all of you for so long – amazing how fast time is going – it’s been over six years since it all began with Kids React! Thanks to all of you for the longtime support and every 2-3 weeks we’ll try to get more of these out! – FBE Team

  2. Max Patrick says:

    0:49 “wow I look so Asian” – Seth 12/04/17
    2:50 “I sound like a fetus” – Seth 12/04/17

    I love Seth

  3. Daniel Rieger says:

    wait until they’re on elders react

  4. Steve Fräser says:

    React to 13 reasons why!! ?

  5. savion fuller /Jin's wife says:

    “Wow, I look so Asian”

  6. psychotic banana says:

    2:50 “I sound like a fetus.”

  7. Crazydudue457 says:

    “Wow I look so Asian” THAT WAS SO FUNNY TOO ME

  8. Minhee Yoon says:

    Seth: I look so Asian!

    < What most Asians say when they look at photos of themselves >

  9. Jazzy tho says:

    “wow I look so Asian “??

  10. MsJapanino says:

    The first one I saw was the Kids React to Charlie Sheen. Hard to believe it’s been five years already!

  11. Zachary Kwan says:

    how you get on this show ?????

  12. Vanessa G. says:

    “Wow I look so Asian” ??

  13. BotU :D says:

    “Wow. It looks so Asian”

    I mean.. When do we ever not look Asian.

  14. Ripperoni says:

    “Hard to think that someone this beautiful used to look that bad”
    Don’t worry mate, you still do

  15. MrJamieb18 says:

    Bryson had so much potential and then he grew up to be a trump supporter

  16. Humprey Malik says:

    they are so hot now.. ??

  17. Lexy Omnomnom says:

    Brysons smile is too cute omg ded

  18. Ramzeaa Arsln says:

    Bryson is so HANDSOME

  19. LilWhiteBunny says:

    “wow I look so asian” ??

  20. MIGUEL GOMES says:

    0:50 “omg I look so Asian”

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