Teens React To Try Not To Dance Challenge

Teens React To Try Not To Dance Challenge

Try Not To Dance Challenge reacted to by Teens. Orignal links below.
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Teens React to Try Not To Dance Challenge. Watch to see their reactions.

Content Featured:
Zhavia – 100 Ways


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Reactors Featured:
Aiko, age 15
John, age 16
Marlhy, age 16
Zhavia, age 17
Will, age 18
Elle, age 17
Jordan, age 17
Darius, age 19
Mikaela, age 19
Thomas, age 18

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Teens React To Try Not To Dance Challenge

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25 Responses

  1. charleeᴖᴥᴖ says:

    *hasn’t even watched the video*
    *but sees rm and clicks just to comment this*

    i see our president rm,
    i click.
    i love bts.

  2. BTS A.R.M.Y Potato says:

    I see Namjoon I CLICK!!!! ??????✌?

  3. Dancestar 224 says:

    Thank you for including BTS in this video! They always make me want to dance.

  4. TXT_ _ROTY says:

    95% : I saw namjoon, I clicked.

    4% : *just random people*

    1% : Why am I here?

  5. Simply AgustD says:

    All it took for me to click was to see Namjoon

  6. Bethel Tsige says:

    Me: sees Namjoon
    Also me: clicks in 0.00001 seconds

  7. Park Joonie says:

    “Thats not my kind of music, I’ll be ok”
    – Dances after the MV ends….

  8. Klesta says:

    Ok let’s be honest, 99% of the people here clicked because they saw Namjoon. ( That’s why I clicked too.?)

  9. killa dollz says:

    If FBE got BTS on the show I would literally *combust*

  10. Emily • says:

    I saw BTS I already dances lmao ?? ? ?

  11. Giant Kookie says:

    Please do a reaction video for BTS’ comeback trailer, Persona! ?

  12. Rg Mo says:

    “I just couldn’t, my body was like you need to move bro and I was like alright”

  13. Oceanic Narwhals says:

    Armys, sees namjoon: its free real estate

  14. Hey It’s Em says:

    Anybody else click once they saw RM??

    Just me?…ok

  15. Shiro Nyanko says:

    I Saw BTS and I internally died because I know I’d lose that as soon as they popped up.

  16. Taekooks Wife says:

    I SAW BTS BRUH. I Lost and I’m not even playing like…ok?

  17. Alani Rojas says:

    Bro I saw Namjoon

    I clicked faster than ever


  18. Abigail Hodge says:

    all army saw president namjoon and clicked, just admit it

  19. ccp d says:

    …. with no offense but namjoon made this video get most views ?

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