Teens Try To Find Their Celebrity Twin! (#TWINNING APP)

Teens Try To Find Their Celebrity Twin! (#TWINNING APP)

See what celebrities the teens look like with the #TWINNING APP!
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The teens react to their celeb look-a-likes with the #Twinning App!

Content featured:

FBE’s goal is to credit the original links to the content featured in its shows. If you see incorrect or missing attribution please reach out to credits@fbeteam.com

Reactors Featured:
Krischelle, age 14
Jaxon, age 15
Jordan, age 17
Kenneth, age 18
Darius, age 19
Sydney, age 19

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Teens Try To Find Their Celebrity Twin! (#TWINNING APP)

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40 Responses

  1. krbruner says:

    “What is funny is that my dad is really good friends with Scott Baio”…but maybe your mom was even better “friends” with Scott Baio…hindering your dad’s friendship with him.

  2. Stay ARMYzen says:

    Lol the girl that said she looks like a peanut is a literal mood

  3. LeBron NOWITZKI says:

    Keep up the great work everyone! Love the vids.

  4. Rakan Mpasda says:

    DJ Cassidy HOW?
    Hill Harper HOW?

  5. jamal4473 says:

    Hey JC, just want to say that I enjoyed watching this video :)!

  6. Kayla Valdellon says:

    I got Niall Horan
    – note that I’m an asian girl

  7. Nodian says:

    Wtf Jordan is actually a saoirse ronan’s clone how did she not get her

  8. Twenty One Panicked Pilots At The Disco says:

    ” everyone loves themselves”

    Not everyone…….

  9. Vale208 says:

    4:07 she literally is lily Collins how is it just 14.7%?

  10. Aan Khunaifi says:

    popsugar server is down or only me can’t accest the site?

  11. Darrius James says:

    Jordan looks like vera and taissa farmiga more like taissa.

  12. Tha1Was2asy says:

    3:44 WAIT… your dads friend and you look like him???

  13. Hailey Stephens says:

    Hold up… SHAWN MENDES?!?!?!

  14. Chan says:

    How did Jordan not get Taissa Farmiga? (Violet/Zoe from AHS)

  15. JayFdz says:

    I’ve always felt Jordan looks a lot like Taissa Farmiga from American Horror Story, I can’t be the only one who sees it!

  16. Liz Ung says:

    Lol she matched with one of the biggest actresses from Korea

  17. Softball Lover says:

    React to the worlds most liked instagram post (the egg)

  18. Chas Trosper says:

    Today is my birthday I’m 20

  19. Koala Chingu says:

    App just throws famous Asian actresses against Asian looks even when there’s no similarities…

  20. Trash Bien says:

    I feel like for the East Asians, the app just picked random East Asian people ?

  21. Georgi Mihailov says:

    Could you do this same challenge with the elders?

  22. I am The God says:

    JORDAN ?❤️

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