Teens Watch ’90s Music Videos For The First Time

Teens Watch ’90s Music Videos For The First Time

“That is sort of like twerking..”

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Jump Into Summer
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.


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20 Responses

  1. rian cabrera says:

    Oh Geez!…What do we expect from those kids??…They don’t really know
    everything from that golden era though…well, I don’t know what to say
    now..maybe I’m getting old now!…LOL

  2. CreedoYo says:

    The fact that the one girl compared taylor swift to shania twain..like
    noooo. Also how do they not know who missy elliot is? Like what is life
    right now.

  3. spoddie says:

    Thought objectifying women started in 2010 ?????

  4. Chox TheMuse says:

    wow… that was such a flashback! I totally forgot about Shania’s totally
    cool animal print outfit!! I still want one =)

  5. Jonathan Cao-Nguyen says:

    At least with Teens React by the Fine Bros, it actually has thoughtful
    conversations about the video content rather than nonchalant comments like
    in this video. 

  6. stephm0 says:

    The 90’s was a good time 

  7. Michael smith says:

    Seriously dont copy the kids react videos like everyone’s saying those
    videos are terrible enough and doing a copy of them is even worse 

  8. Michaela Smith says:

    They make me feel old….and I was born in ’92…what?

  9. Magda Wołczyńska says:

    Oh my God, the Blue song… I remember it from MTV lists. I used to wake up
    early just to listen to them.
    And come on, listen to the lyrics and you’lll KNOW why everything is blue.

  10. Lucy Pardo says:

    How have they never seen these videos… I am 15 and I have seen all of
    How have they seen none!

  11. Clarance Dias says:

    I miss the 90’s. Especially the cartoons. This people don’t know what they
    are missing. 

  12. Ann Styles says:

    Do a video about puberty doin it right before and after pictures

  13. Catherine Willows says:

    1995 baby 🙂 miss this old music so much 

  14. Lenores says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t know about this ? I definitely know how
    music was before my time!?!

  15. Rhi Bourbon says:

    This makes me cringe… I’m 12 and I’m more clued-up about the 90s music
    than them?

  16. MuseseekerMan says:

    do this video again with more videos. 90s era was the video era.

  17. Friendly Jon says:

    “Who-ever edited this is probably like “My life is over at this point””

    Really kid? I am so sorry that the 90’s did not have…. uhhhh….
    nevermind. I forgot I was yelling at a teenager.
    In one ear and out the other.

  18. triggeredexplosions says:

    The channels starting to get crap as it is, please don’t turn into that
    festering piece of shit known only as fagbros… Wait sorry my mistake the

  19. faq da says:

    2:08 Trueee !

  20. Brad R says:

    Buzzfeed is copying “Teens React” now. Classy.