TEKKEN 8 – Hwoarang Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

TEKKEN 8 – Hwoarang Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

It’s time to kick it up a notch.
Hwoarang is back on his feet in #TEKKEN8!

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33 Responses

  1. Mario The Red Wildfire / Luigi The Green Thunder says:

    I really like how Jin seems a lot more willing to fight Hwoarang this time whereas in the other games, he was too distracted by his family issues to pay him much attention

  2. 31DollarBurnPhone says:

    Time to master Hwoarang all over again. I like this version of him, combining his and Baek’s moves

  3. etnamA says:

    Digging his Baek inspired maturity and mix of moves. It’s nice to see some characters grow over time

    • Mola mola says:

      Maturity ? What maturity dude? It is a video game lmao . He has a few new line thats it. It isn’t that deep man.

    • Dominic Snyder says:

      @Mola mola Wrong. No fighting game series has given as much attention to its story and character development than Tekken. Across the series, decades have passed and characters have changed and even died. Each Tekken 8 character reveal trailer we’ve gotten has contained details that indicate ways in which characters have grown.

    • SHADOWNIGHT says:

      ​@Mola molascrub

    • SHADOWNIGHT says:

      ​@Dominic Snyderstory and character development??!?!?!? Yep you deserve a crappy story like tekken

    • Lore Vaga says:

      @Mola mola You must be fun at party’s. Characters like Kratos, Vegeta, Zorro from One-piece and so on don’t deserve to be celebrated then because they don’t exist in real life? What a great way of being

  4. Kenpachi says:

    Love how each and every returning character is coming back stronger, more advanced, and matured. 8th title in the series and still growing phenomenally. All game genres can learn from this

    • Groged tv says:

      Like taking zen cancel from jin and taking off backlash launcher for rang most of what you said is true but honestly this tekken is a little dumbed down gameplay wise it for more people to get into it

    • Kenpachi says:

      @Groged tv I can tell you’re a kid. Honestly, I don’t agree and don’t think even you will be good at the game

    • Maximum Dee Jay says:

      ​​​@Kenpachi I think some things were inspired by Tekken that Street Fighter 6 were taking notes of, and vice versa like Virtua Fighter, Guilty Gear, Dead Or Alive, ect. But yeah, it’d be great if fighting games could add more inspired things from other fighting games, to see if it works or not for that genre. I agree.

    • SHADOWNIGHT says:

      Yes we just ignore the dmg numbers and overpowered characters in tekken

    • Kenpachi says:

      @SHADOWNIGHT alls I see is a crybaby

  5. Unbreakable Tez says:

    As a Baek main, I love this so much. It isn’t him but it’s so great to see him mature like how his master did

  6. Jermaine T Worsham says:

    The student finally becomes the *Master* , the prodigy of Taekwondo finally makes his electrifying debut on the TK8 roster and with remarkable swagger. The maturity of how they greeted each other filled my heart with so much joy: *Jin* acknowledging *Hwoarang* for the first time and respectfully challenging *Jin* to a fight so he can prove his strength to him, 0:57. That for me was one of the biggest highlights of the video and his marvelously detailed character design, he kind of reminds me of a webtoon *Manwha* protagonist. Congratulations to the studio who endured sleepless nights to make this impeccable video. Can’t wait for the release of the game. 👏, 🙏.

    • Kenroy Adams says:

      Your comment is just pure perfection! I share your sentiment but I couldn’t have expressed any better!

  7. JollyJuice_99 says:

    Look how far Hwoarang has come. Officially a master of his art. Baek would be proud.

  8. Mr. Bahraee says:

    Finally, been waiting for this. The first thing that caught my eye was how calm Hwoarang is and now his kicks feel heavy as they should. He got his eye back, that must’ve cost him a lot

  9. MatthewRocks23 says:

    I honestly love the rivalry that Jin and Hwoarang has like really it’s like they’re brothers sparring with eachother

  10. Thug Vida says:

    Hwoarang is one of the faster tekken characters! I hope he still has his speed. His kicks are deadly

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