TEKKEN 8 – Lars Alexandersson Gameplay Trailer

TEKKEN 8 – Lars Alexandersson Gameplay Trailer

It’s time to set aside old grudges for the greater good.

Lars springs into action in #TEKKEN8!

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33 Responses

  1. Raizunajin says:

    Lars hit this man with a Lightning Blade

  2. Vic WRGT says:

    I love the new voice lines.. it remembers me of Tekken 4 scans and trailers, the feeling of a genuine new game, not just a little upgrade, that was huge.

    • Alif Agung Abiyyu says:

      Love the Announcer voice too

    • Wintermute says:

      ​@Karim KJ Well, it WAS very much a new game, and not just a slight upgrade of T3 – for better or worse. The sound and visuals were also enormous leaps, and still a high point for the series in many ways.

      So what’s your point?

    • Aulyx says:

      @mep looks fresh for newcomers, looks big upgrade for people already play tekken for a long time. Imo from reveal trailer state of play i thought they will go create more grounded base system and remade all mechanic from scratch. The juggle animation still looks same all the way back to first tekken, but still looks great anyway.

    • mep says:

      @Karim KJ even if you didn’t play T4 you gotta admit it looked super new compared to the past four games

    • eli flores says:

      im told your father was tagged and struck by Lars Rising Force when he openly bragged and exclaimed he was confident he could not be tagged by such a move ; when it struck him it sent him flying 3 stories to his death and ultimately he could not recover from such impact such force and all of his kings men could not put him back together again in an alternate universe

  3. The Vegas Native says:

    For those who don’t know his rage art is a throwback to his entry in the Naruto Storm series.

  4. Azur Viper says:

    As a Lars main all I have to say is.. ABOUT DAMN TIME!! Lars looks amazing! All those cool lighting effect make his SE/DE look cool ASF! And his super is straight from Kakashi handbook lol. Also now that I’ve seen Lars using the new Heat mechanics, I definitely understand it a little more now.

    • darkNovaskar says:

      Don’t matter because Craig gonna Marduk smash all of y’all 💪🏾🐂👈🏾

    • Rute Fernandes says:

      @Lord Popo Meanwhile Marduk launches, immediately grabs and bams 60-70dmg.

    • Lord Popo says:

      @Aulyx He was already a wall carry monster. Problem was you could carry them from one end to the other, look up and realize that their health barely went down. Lars’ damage was hot ass in T7, but he looked amazing doing it.

    • Azur Viper says:

      @Aulyx For sure! And not with just Lars but I bet we’ll be able to do some crazy wild things with all the characters

    • Azur Viper says:

      @Kariya Jin lives Yes! And it looks like you can combo after it as well

  5. andimari says:

    So far Lars and Kazuya have fantastic top tier supers. If jins had a bit more impact he’d be on that level too

  6. IzNebula says:

    As a Lars main, I really like the fact they are utilizing more of his spin transitions into full crouch, a lot of new options from FC it looks like. Also his ff4,3 wall splats, which means it’s likely a knock down now. Also his rage art is so sick, that First Person POV is epic.

  7. JacyTheFrozen says:

    Damn, the lightning effects look so damn cool and Lars looks like he’s gonna end up being a pretty fun character. The more I see of these character trailers, the more hyped I am for this game.

  8. Echizen says:

    I will never get tired of this song. The lightning effect on the dynamic/silent entries is sick!

  9. The Copyist says:

    I’ve been playing Lars since T6. They made him look better then ever, brings chills to me seeing him this awsome.

  10. 1 blue eye says:

    I love how they’ve seemingly increased the evasive properties of many of his attacks, looks like he has tons of high/low crush moves and they are all visually incredible.

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