Telford Hall security camera

Telford Hall security camera

Jan. 25, 2015 EKU Telford Hall security camera footage of Drew Barker knocked down in EKU’s Tilford Hall by Patrick Graffree.

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20 Responses

  1. Swirling T says:

    just a dumb ass nigger doing what dumb ass niggers do. Sucker punch

  2. TheToekutter says:

    Stay classy drunk college students, stay classy.

  3. Tonynky says:

    He deserved it, that punch was lovely… I watched this clip 30 times ha

  4. sniperms54 says:

    Blacks = sucker punching masters..

    They train from = knock out game..

  5. Idiotbox3000 says:

    One, that was bitch move by that Deebo wannabe to sucker punch homeboy like
    that. Two, why didn’t dopey’s boys get his back after he got laid out like
    that. If my dawg got hit like that back in the day, it would have been on.
    Three, when you go into enemy territory then you better watch your back.

  6. crwilso6 says:

    typical sucker punching by ghetto trash – never fails when they group up

  7. sif piff says:

    World star

  8. bacon not cripy says:

    why did he do that

  9. Porter Lee says:

    Us as whites need to stand up for our selves! We have rights just like all
    the blacks!! Come on America. 

  10. Sturmbannführer Toht says:

    Niggers will be niggers.

  11. Bighead Mark says:

    Someone catch that evil racist monkey and put him in a cage and torture him
    for a good while, in front of everyone, and humiliate his uncivilized
    nigger ass. Then let him go back into the wild. Thats it. Let him live with
    the shame and humility of what he has done. Killing this monkey would be
    too easy. Hes obviously racist and coward.

  12. José Garcia says:

    Everyone of those guys is a coward for not stepping in… Is that the ”
    brotherhood ” code!! Bunch of ignorant so call men!! All of them should be
    ashamed for not going after that coward!!! Yeah we in da hood don’t snitch
    or get involved that’s how we make progress and help out our race n our
    area code. No wonder why the white blue collar American wants to beat some
    sense in your brain by beating you with sticks and killing you. Peace,
    Love, and Chicken grease!!!! 

  13. PharoahAC says:

    What a sneaky bastard then running. Why won’t fight like a man face to

  14. daniel Delacruz says:

    Sucker punch!! Wow! Shows how scared these pussys are to fight.

  15. gorty1234 says:

    I went to highschool with pat everyone called him big pat bc he’s massive
    but he would always get his ass kicked every time he fought 

  16. always WINNING says:

    Pussy shit….

  17. America Rising says:

    The coloreds are a cowardly bunch of animals that belong in cages

  18. Sho Nuff says:

    The video stops right before the black guys start flinging poo.

  19. BOB DUNNE says:

    This guy should have COWARD written on his head everyday for eternity. What
    a low class typical move. “Hey, I’m going to show you how tough I am, I’ll
    punch you WHEN YOU ARE NOT
    LOOKING”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This guy is so low he has
    to look up to see down.

  20. Kill Moves says:

    SHOT BY A PUSSY ASS MOFO! Thank god they got it on Camera, find him, charge
    him, and sentence that guy for a couple years till he learns his lesson