Telling a story to an “if that was me” person

Telling a story to an “if that was me” person

Shout out Youtooz for working with me on another figure, THANK YOU!!
Go get a King Caleb at
or don’t I can’t force you to… I might be able to make you feel bad for not getting it though. What, you hate the good people that worked on the figure?
or is it me that you hate smh… you know it took those people months to make this happen and you don’t even care… I’m not mad at you, just a little disappointed y’know. Just thought things were different… *sigh* guess not. We’re still cool though, I just see where we stand…What? oh you’re saving up money? Thats fair carry on then, my fault G big ups!

Melodic – Tidiane
19 – Oddwin

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30 Responses

  1. Ludoviajante says:

    I hope caleb knows how much his work make a difference in people’s days. His videos always lifts my mood.
    Much love from Brazil!

  2. Aaron Langford says:

    “I had mad groceries in my hand”

    I felt this line… the plastic cutting into my hands, running to catch a bus, my equilibrium entirely out of balance because the bags are swinging everywhere.

    I’ll be needing a video dedicated to this topic.

  3. Kamoshun says:

    I’ve literally fought people over conversations like this.

  4. Nick says:

    The acting and editing is so good that my brain always accepts it as a real conversation

  5. Archiethedog says:

    Knowing Caleb’s characters, he is probably not even lying LMAO

  6. OnionMenace says:

    “I woulda started my own bank.” I choked to death on that one.

  7. Toaster says:

    This is very similar to a conversation I had with my nephew about what he would do if a bear came across our camping spot.
    If you’re curious, he genuinely believed he, a 4 year old, could suplex the bear and tame it like a circus bear that he saw in one of the Madagascar movies.
    I kinda hope a bear comes by next time, be cool to see.

  8. Achaern A. says:

    “What that mean to me?” Bringing that ‘I’m the main character vibe’ to every interaction for absolutely no reason. Love this vid.

  9. Aurakid says:

    Once again, Caleb out here making amazing videos for us to watch. Don’t know if you accept suggestions, but I was thinking it would be funny to see your take on people that overreact to horror games that aren’t scary (like jumpscares and such). Love your content, man!

  10. Kyle D. says:

    Omg…. This video hit way too close to home lol!

    Was literally talking to someone like this yesterday. It’s gotten to the point now where I just patronize him until he decides to stop talking to me 😅

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