Telling My Parents About My Boyfriend

Telling My Parents About My Boyfriend

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This one time I had to tell my parents about my boyfriend… it didn’t go so well.


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One love Superwoman, that is a wrap and ZOOP!

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20 Responses

  1. IISuperwomanII says:

    Tell me your horror stories when it comes to parents and your significant others… LET ME KNOW I’M NOT ALONE PLEASE

  2. heroox_3 says:

    I told my dad about my boyfriend and he had a mental breakdown all like “ohhh shes getting married, shes going to leave and have kids” … uhhh what. We Indians literally get raised to lie

  3. Random * says:

    I can’t call or text a friend without my parents saying…

    “Who are u talking to?”
    Me:A friend…
    “A boy?”
    Me: *Walks out of room*

    Is it just me that suffers from this???

  4. Mariam Amina says:

    my dad would ground me for life if i told him am dating someone

  5. Amna Ahmed says:

    DATING ?

    LAUGHING: Girl i’m Muslim. ?

  6. Anonymous Anon says:

    Any Indian out there who relates to the video?

  7. CreepyAllie says:

    lol my family is muslim and im not, they dont know that tho ?
    but they 100% excpect me to have an arranged marriage, we’ve even talked about it
    btw im 12, idk why my parents are talking to me about marriage

  8. Katie kamatie says:

    Dating and my parents is very simple for me.

    I date and my parents never find out

  9. KelsieAnn says:

    They want us to find a ken But wont let us be Barbie



  10. Muhammad Nabeel says:

    Paramjeet : In two months i met you daddy , married him and got pregnant with your sister ????

  11. AHMED XD says:

    Almost the same thing with Arab people xD

  12. Samriddhi Aggarwal says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I am single
    And so are you!!

  13. KimTaehyung'sSmileGivesMeLife says:

    The Pokemon cards ?

  14. And then the Infires Nation attacked my hearteu says:

    Me: wears lipgloss for school
    Parents: WHO’S THE BOY?

    Why can’t curry (and every other nation’s) parents understand we want to look good for ourselves???

  15. Ishmam Khan says:

    I’ve never related to a superwoman video more than this

  16. Mai R. says:

    I told my mum I have a boyfriend and her first reaction was: ” It would be nice if you marry this year”
    Here is the problem, I´m f*cking 19 ! And we are a normal german family, so I don´t know where this behaviour came from.

  17. Imma Smiler says:

    I hope she’s hinting about Dtrix ?

  18. Mehak Dhand says:

    I’m Indian and I’m dating someone and I’m 17 and my parents know about us aaaaaand they’re completely ok with it. Rare. But I treasure it so much. One of of lucky ones. However perceptions are changing our generation will be a lot more cooler about dating and the cycle continues someday it’ll become normal ???

  19. Lily Gaming says:

    Well, my parent are more than this…They literally said to NOT hang out with boys OR dating. ( If I date a boy, they will literally throw me out of house and slap me. #MyLIfeAsAVigin ). That’s the reason why I NEVER had relationships before…

  20. danisnotonphil says:

    Lol shout out to all my fellow Muslims

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