Telling My Roommate I Have a Crush on Her

Telling My Roommate I Have a Crush on Her

went on a date w my roommate…
Watch Ashey’s Angle of our Date –
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20 Responses

  1. Elliot Choy says:


  2. CallMeMing says:

    Everything about this video is perfect, so happy for you guys 🥺🥺

  3. Adéla Majerová says:

    Your grandparents are the very definition of what a grandparent should be to their grandchildren, it’s actually so awesome hearing their genuine advice and opinions.

  4. Trey Gustafson says:

    This genuinely was a great video. Whether if it was planned or not, the character development and anticipation built through the whole video, which made the ending that much better. Keep it up Kelly!

  5. Ruthless Storm says:

    Bro I feel you! The butterflies, the questioning, just simply enjoy that person and loving every moment with them! I understand the worries and the fear it is exactly how I feel about my unofficial “girlfriend” and this summer when she comes home I am shooting my shot and I am glad to see that it worked out for you!!! Hold onto her through the rough and smooth you never want to loss a girl that makes you feel like that! Good luck my friend!

  6. Lynnea M. says:

    Everyone deserves a Kelly in their life👏🏽🥺

  7. Ashley Vera says:

    I’ve been watching Ashley for years and seeing her so happy makes my heart so warm 😭 I adore you guys together

  8. Jasmine says:

    On the floor. Crying such happy tears for them. Hearing Kelly speak so emotionally really touches my heart – and the journey these two have gone through as well, the undeniable chemistry since the very beginning. I wish you guys the best – yall are one in a million. <3

  9. Serena Singulani says:

    the best 12 minutes of my month
    this is so emotional and beautiful!
    you can see when something is pure when is for real, and OH MY GOD KELLY you put your whole heart in this and I love it so much
    we can feel the connection between you two and its a really big bond.
    I’m so glad all of this happened to ashley, you are truly someone that makes her the happiest, thank you for taking care of our girl!
    pure love still exists and this is one of the reasons that I still believe in it. Couldn’t stop smile through THE WHOLE VIDEO.
    I hope you guys have an amazing relationship, loving and caring for each other ❤

  10. akagrim says:

    been watching Kelly for a minute since 2019 and it’s craazy to see the growth and moving to nyc (ever since his ups and downs, living in LB/bay area with luke, etc.) then MEETING SOMEONE that’s matches energy and just positive vibes is a good sight to see from both of y’all; blessings and wishing y’all the best . DWE💙

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