Telling Our Kids Savannahs Pregnant With Baby Number 5 Reaction!!!

Telling Our Kids Savannahs Pregnant With Baby Number 5 Reaction!!!

Telling Everleigh, Posie, Zealand and Sunday that they’re all going to be big siblings AGAIN!

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  1. @AntigoneBelle says:

    Everleigh sounds truly happy for this one I hope people don’t say “she’s being mistreated” when you can CLEARLY tell everleigh was excited

    • @ItsRubiies says:

      I really don’t get it. People say, everliegh must hate her life, they aren’t good parents… but really she has an amazing life and her parents love her and she love them.

    • @Nancyandbrooke says:

      She is exited she loves her siblings sooooo much

    • @rubyhampson7732 says:

      Frrr I don’t get it when people say that 1. she Can’t physically Stop them from having another baby bc she’s still a child herself 2. things just happen that can physically be stoped. There not “Mistreating” her

    • @annjames1837 says:

      Vlog-Obsessed Parents Profiting Off Their Kids!! Children deserve privacy not exploitation

    • @kellywhiting6168 says:


  2. @N1coleMarie says:

    Congratulations! Haters gonna hate, it’s beautiful to have children when you have the money and means to have them. You can tell how loved each of your children are, and if you do end up still adopting that child will also be blessed. ❤❤

    • @lunchesxtoca8809 says:

      Exactly, every child is a blessing and Everleigh loves her siblings, its terrible how people try to mix things up when they have no clue of anything and fill in the gaps as they seem fit for labrant family’s lives.

    • @mishaandaishagamingcraze4294 says:


    • @Kenzzzz528 says:

      Yes agreed! It’s so special they can have so many and she loooks so young but I bet it’s hard for ev she deff loves them and gets attention but yes it would be hard for anyone!❤

    • @suefordham9071 says:

      She always said she wanted 5 babies 😊

    • @onceuponalake says:

      Pray for the “haters”. They are jealous, and that comes from a place of sadness in their own lives. We need the maturity to be happy for others and not take it as a personal affront when others do well. There is hope for all in Jesus.

  3. @KeepSmiling244 says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been a viewer since 2017 when it was just Cole, Sav, and Ev. I really miss the old days with intros and regular videos. I hope you can bring back that vibe. Remember, even the perfectionist is criticized for their perfectionism. No matter what, there’s always going to be people spreading negativity. It’s all just a phase, it will pass.

  4. @SophieChidgey says:

    posie saying that she wants a baby brother so zealand can have a baby brother is so cute

  5. @jessicalee989 says:

    I hope the entire internet acknowledges eves “i can’t wait” instead of continuing with the narrative that she’s mistreated.

  6. @sarahbradley983 says:

    I hope everyone that has hated before sees that Everleigh is excited and happy! This is such a beautiful and caring family who love their children EQUALLY! So sad people have to find something to pick apart nowadays. God is so good in each blessing! Congratulations!!

    • @madisonk5584 says:

      They probably made her record that reaction 100 times.

    • @strxngermall2628 says:

      @@madisonk5584how is that even possible? The vlog barely had any cuts or signs of editing it was raw footage😭

    • @Taylor112996 says:

      ​@@madisonk5584found the 12 year old!!!!!!!

    • @Taylor112996 says:

      ​@@strxngermall2628she’s probably like 12 and doesn’t understand how editing works. That’s also why all these little kids think Everleigh is being abused when she’s actually a privileged little girl who lives in a mansion and has everything she could ever ask for

  7. @sophiegoodwin264 says:

    Congratulations to you all. The kids reactions were so sweet. ❤

  8. @rw7446 says:

    Congratulations!! May the Lord bless Savannah and baby #5 with good health, and watch over the other 4. Thank you for sharing your journey 🤍🤍

  9. @AlainaKondratowicz says:

    posies reaction is so cute! may God bless this new little baby!

  10. @clevanterskz4831 says:

    Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you guys! Baby 5 will be a perfect addition to your family. I know they’ll be loved and cared for, just like the others. Crazy to think Sunday’s gonna be a big sis! This is so exciting!! 💖

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