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34 Responses

  1. Paola213 says:

    Mr mcbroom can sure give some touching speeches. ??

  2. safina nasa says:

    Congratulations To u Both hope it all goes well. I’m also 7 weeks pregnant.

  3. Ena Chettri says:

    Papa mcbroom made me cry.. ???….so happy for you guys.. ???

  4. Sue Othman says:

    Omg your dad broke my heart ????y’all got me balling my eyes out ???❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. DolanTwins AreMyFav says:

    omg i love mr mcbroom ?? i didn’t cry until he cried ? he is literally one of my favourite human, congrats you guys

  6. Caroline Suazo says:

    I love how deeply & truly happy Mr.McBroom is for them ?

  7. Renee's World says:

    Say “G O D”?Congrats guys we all are so proud and happy for you even through the hard time,you know we love you guys❤️❤️

  8. Diksha Bhujel says:

    Elle,Alaïa,Ryan’s baby and Landon’s baby almost of the same age!!???

  9. melissa miguel says:

    Man who shows his emotions ❤️ and example for many young man to learn from it’s okay ?

  10. Rose Muradian says:

    Your dad’s reaction made me cry so freaking much ???
    So happy for you guys
    You gonna be amazing parents
    With amazing support

  11. Katerina Pashaj says:

    Shylas mother is so adorable omg I can’t stop crying.
    This is so emotional, ily you guys, I’m so happy for you.

  12. madison c says:

    It was a bad idea to watch this video while doing my makeup Especially when it was the part of Landon’s dad!!??

  13. Bjørk Haave says:

    Landon’s dad is so cute and sweet☺️☺️☺️ my heart is warmed??????

  14. Brenda Hernandez says:

    Does anyone get that shady vibe from landons mom? Like she smiles all the time but she still seemed fake happy for them. As in it didn’t look like genuine happiness for them. His dad’s reaction was way different which is usually the other way around.

    • Berenice Leon says:

      Because she said in the beginning when they even mentioned kids that they were too young for a kid. She was never with it

    • Emily Jaay says:

      I don’t think she being fake I just don’t think she like Shyla ? like if you look at the past videos w Landon shyla and his momma shyla and his mom throw so much shade at each other but that’s just meeeee

    • Abbs Mae says:

      I think it’s because of the camera.. some people like me just aren’t camera people

    • Danielle Bando says:

      Brenda Hernandez I agree I feel as if she don’t really care for Shyla that much compared to the way she is with Catherine

  15. Jaky Mai says:

    Landons dad is going to be the best grandpa?❤️ he has such a big heart i cried so much?❤️

  16. Reedow Nhla says:

    Shyla’s mom literally made me cry?.Her excitement was pricelss❤?

  17. LetsBeHonest; Rosaa says:

    I cried as soon as Landon Dad cried i swear ya have a good dad that sticks around i never had that …this is so heartwarming the way that man speaks about you and austin

  18. Sarah Reece says:

    I started crying right when it was on Landons dad ? Im so Happy for yall omg ❤️ i was literally crying in class ?❤️❤️

  19. Malak Lasledj says:

    I started bawling my eyes out when Landons dad gave that ‘speech’ it seriously touches your heart BTW when are you going to tell Austin??

  20. It’s Destiny Hough says:

    Are u going to do a video telling Austin and Catherine?!

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