Ten Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC

Ten Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC

Princess Leia is propositioned numerous times as she walks down the streets of New York City.

Produced and written by Josh Apter (@pjmakemovies) and Gary Mahmoud (@garyleenyc) of Are We There Yet.

Directed and edited by Josh Apter.

Special thanks to http://abracadabrasuperstore.com/ for the great costumes!

And a big thank you as well to Alex Grybauskas for the lightsaber FX!

Filmed on an iPad mini using http://thepadcaster.com/ Turn your iPad into a mobile production studio!

Thanks to great performances from:

Michele McNally…Leia
Rob King…Lando
Dan Jamieson…Han
Scott Bolohan…Stormtrooper/Luke
Alden Gewirtz…Lobot
Laurence Cantor…Obi Wan
Andrew Ginsburg…Vader

…with Josh Apter as Boba Fett and Gary Mahmoud as The Emperor and Indiana Jones

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20 Responses

  1. Tim Hunt says:

    Not to dismiss or downplay the intent of the original video, but this is
    pretty funny. 

  2. Frank DiSalle says:

    1:58 inforamtion.

  3. gmmusicism says:

    I am your Stalker

  4. QuietQuiet says:

    Wow, people. This video is for a laugh; it doesn’t disparage the original.
    Stop taking everything so seriously.

  5. Amelia Cookston says:

    I think this video is hilarious, but we need to remember that making fun of
    harassing women isn’t a joke. 

  6. Allen Winget says:

    This is starting to get out of control. You motherfuckers think this is a
    game? That it is socially acceptable to make fun of harassment?! This is
    madness I say!

  7. Jonathan Harchick says:

    this would be better unscripted.

    real reactions > fake

  8. Reflection Ofpower says:

    Funny, The guy one was good too. It just goes to show the parody of an
    issue that will NOT change anyway so … women… save your breathe. Unless
    it is sexual harassment as defined by law then you can scream and holler
    all you want. 

  9. jmo says:

    Very funny

  10. Charles Martel says:

    Way better than the original ahaha.

  11. MlunguX says:

    This was awesome…Such a pity that some are going to completely miss the
    potential for good-hearted lols by taking it way too seriously…but as
    Master Yoda once said: “If into the comments section you go… only pain
    will you find”

  12. Jim Borghini says:

    Fucking great!!

  13. Brian Stuart says:

    No Chewbacca? :(

  14. Micro Bender says:

    +Daniel Glass schau mal.

  15. TheKaozs says:


  16. missmerbella says:

    Way to make light of a serious issue… It’s possible to be funny without
    being an asshole.

  17. Herphred Lederp says:

    I find it very troublesome that internet content is so quickly and widely
    regurgitated to the point where the OC (original content) that got the
    proverbial ball rolling is lost and people that didn’t see the OC are now
    seeing remakes not understanding that it’s a parody of something else and
    then making parodies of parodies and we end up with a quality issue. Sort
    of like taking a VHS tape and recording to another VHS tape and then going
    back and forth until the video quality is completely gone like 480i MPEG’s
    with V3 MP3 audio. This is why I spend my days over on the front page of
    the internet at reddit.com moderating pages to ensure that only top quality
    content is presented to our humble and eccentric users. 

  18. jordan lynch says:

    This is fake !!! darth vaders lightsaber is clearly fake 

  19. Josiah Ofermann says:

    Fucking BRILLIANT.

  20. spyder357 says:

    Notice how you need an excuse to be a guy these days?

    I hope I live long enough to see a mens rights movement.