Tenacious D Gets Rocked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Tenacious D Gets Rocked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Jack Black and Kyle Gass have been rocking crowds as Tenacious D for more than two decades. But what happens when they get rocked by the wings of death? Find out as the Greatest Band in the World goes wing for wing with Sean Evans on this week’s Hot Ones. Along they way, the comedic duo discusses everything from Jack’s infamous Dorito Burrito, to Kanye West, to their new six-part animated YouTube series called “Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto.” This is not the greatest interview in the world; it’s just a tribute!

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49 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:


  2. Anthony Sanchez says:

    We need Chris Pratt

  3. SL0TH B0MBER says:

    Thank you jack for getting Cage in there with you. He was probably hesitant. You guys are the best

  4. SimplyJojo says:

    This makes up for the past weak nibblers on the show. TENACIOUS D ALL THE WAY BABY!!!

  5. Lorenzo Von-Matterhorn says:

    2 things I learned from this video:
    1) Jack is an animal when it comes to eating hot wings and probably had the worst shits after this lol.
    2) Kyle is the best bro a guy could ask for lol. Gives up to let Jack win, but doesn’t actually and continues to power through so his friend doesn’t have to go it alone.

  6. Nathen Mixon (MixonFitness) says:

    I was threatened by my best friend. Jack might be onto something. You can’t beat them, join them.

  7. dandywankers says:

    I appreciate the way they ate the wings!!!!

  8. Chris Ali says:

    Who else LOVES School of Rock?!😭😍

  9. lal 11 says:

    Bring tyler the creator and Donald Glover

    • Joshua Brenner says:

      They gotta bring people who viewers wanna see I’m gonna assume nobody wants your choices on so

    • HueX3 says:

      Joshua Brenner Why wouldn’t people want those people on? Did you just say that cause you don’t know who they are?lmao

    • Kenny TheCritic says:

      +Joshua Brenner Bruh, they brought Vince staples on who isn’t super-mainstream. Tyler and Donald are super popular right now. They probably just don’t have time to come on.

    • Joshua Brenner says:

      +HueX3 I know who they are but I personally don’t think either of them are even remotely funny

  10. calebthickam says:

    Sean with the meek “too hot” at the end of the jam

  11. Tykras says:

    That out of tune ukelele at the end was terrifying. Then having Kyle follow that up with a bunch of monotonous toots capped it off.

  12. Jaho Tating says:

    Those are not the spiciest wings in the world, those are just tributes…

  13. AspLode says:

    Haven’t clicked a Hot Ones video so fast since Terry Crews

  14. John Ellison says:

    that show hosted itself, holy damn

  15. akino darrell says:

    2:46 I swear to God Sean has psychic powers to where he can get info on anything and anyone. Boy If I had a dollar for everytime a celeb was surprised he new something super referancial.

    • TheRunaller says:

      Hes said before that he has a little team of people who deep dive on everything he needs to know about the interviewee

  16. Andrew Arifakis says:

    climb up on my faithful stEEEDDdd

  17. Ofentse Mwase Films says:

    How did they get the Greatest band in the world on this show..? Aren’t they too busy?

  18. R F says:

    *”I just like milk.”*

    Finally someone who understands me.

  19. TheRuthlesshobbit says:

    Eat a girl out like Jack Black eats those wings

  20. Now dig on this says:

    Damn besides the beard, Jack hasn’t aged a bit. It’s nice to see him around after growing up with him in School of Rock and Kung fu Panda and stuff. Very cool indeed

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