Tenacious D – Video Games (Official Video)

Tenacious D – Video Games (Official Video)

Official for “Video Games” by Tenacious D is out Thurs, May 11th at 9am PST!
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Created by Oneyplays and Directed by Adam Paloian and Chris “Oney” O’Neill

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35 Responses

  1. Dolan Darker says:

    Poor KG getting absolutely destroyed in every scene. Video went hard

  2. Huggbees says:

    I love when a world famous artist collaborates with a talented guy from the internet.

    Jack Black must have been in awe to be able to work with THE Chris O’Neill

  3. Luigikid Gaming says:

    After Peaches we got the next banger! 😂

    • The Ultimate McNugget Nagi says:

      Well said Luigikid. And, ooh, I remember that pulling of mustache scene, I feel Luigi’s pain too

    • GBCgameson says:

      Yo luigikid congrats on 1 million man, i have been ur fan since i was 16 yrs old in 2015 next up 10 million subscribers

  4. El Rocky Raccoon says:

    I’d never though I’d see the day Chris and Tenacious D would make a collab video. What a time to be alive.

  5. Trashy Bashy says:

    So proud of my boy Oney. My favorite internet gremlin collabs with one of my favorite celebrities. What a time to be alive

  6. Rose Hess says:

    I’ve been breaking this down frame by frame for so long now, I love it
    First of all, the pick of destiny in KG’s hand
    at the very beginning, when he asks if they’re plugged in and his guitar comes unplugged in the background as he says ‘yeah’
    the tiny little footstep sound effects as JB rushes up and into the smear frame where the models are swapped out- fucking PERFECT.
    There’s also so much of Chris’s creative identity hidden throughout other aspects of the models and pacing of the gags that it hurts.
    Like I didn’t even notice how incredibly classic OneyNG the horse was because the actual background work and stylization of everything was so thoroughly pleasant to look at,
    but on the rewatch I finally actually FOCUSED on the horse and was like “Holy shit that’s so his style”
    The little dickvein on its neck and its weird foldy limbs and noodly body, fuckin on point
    I also don’t wanna undersell Adam’s touches here, from how expressive the poses on the models can be and how well the poses are pushed, it’s really got a lot of the charm and excellent characterization of each of the models that he showcases in his work on Cuphead.

    TLDR; I really fucking adore every frame of this, and the fact that it’s Tenacious D and so short and sweet allowed everyone involved to really, really shine 💕

  7. Robert E. House says:

    Tenacious D and OneyPlays working together is something I never thought I’d live to see in any way.
    You made it, Christophus, despite all your brainrot, you made it

  8. Bearded Gorlok says:

    I need an extended version so bad

  9. McQ N da Houz says:

    This man has the power to make a song not rhyme at all and still be such a banger

  10. Brian Hull says:

    I recognize the other references but what game are they referencing at 0:55 ? Epic song!

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