Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens | NFL 2022 Preseason Week 1

Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens | NFL 2022 Preseason Week 1

Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens – Highlights | 2022 PreSeason Week 1, 08/11/2022
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48 Responses

  1. Daniel Ally says:

    Who’s happy to see NFL football again?

  2. Rusty Shackelford says:

    21 preseason wins in a row is pretty impressive.
    “Rise & Conquer Ravens!”

  3. Noah Driscoll says:

    One area of the game that probably won’t be talked about enough is how good our new punter is, glad all the coaching he received in the off-season has paid off.

  4. ET Music says:

    Its very smart of the Ravens to have 2 QBs who are similar styles and both pretty good. If Lamar goes down, Huntley is a good backup and they can run the same offense.

    • OTO CLAN BEATS says:

      @Josh Johnson well it still doesn’t make sense to get another backup that doesn’t have the same play style. So what’s the point of calling this out?

    • Josh Johnson says:

      @Johnny Cleveland The entire roster was injured from the start of the season, yet Lamar went 7-4 with them(Huntley did come in and win against the bears mid season) however the final 5 games, Huntley lost them all, with the same destroyed roster that Lamar played with. He’s not bad, but the situation op described already happened and it didn’t go well at all.

    • Trigga Trevor says:

      @Smartriide What? 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Smartriide says:

      You mean black right

    • Johnny Cleveland says:

      @Josh Johnson the whole roster was injured… Huntley was still competent for being a backup can’t blame it on him.

  5. Setha Phomsopha says:

    I like Tyler Huntley. Dude is good for undrafted QB

    • Pollotzin San says:

      @Unknownerror Let’s just remember that last year, he kept the Ravens in contention against the defense starters of Steelers, Packers, Browns and Rams. All those games decided by less than a FG.
      I still think Lamar is better than Huntley, but give the man some credit for what he has done.

    • frostyy fx says:

      @The Amusing Spade well duh he’s more experienced and he’s played in reg season games before (im not trying to prove a point btw)

    • Owen Tanzilli says:

      Capable of being a good ass starter

    • Caleb says:

      Fr I was shocked with his stats at the end of the game

    • PINK ROOM TALK says:

      @Spida Mitchell tf 🤣

  6. Ben Tientcheu says:

    Hahah even if it’s preseason, the Ravens and Titans have built a rivalry against each other the past few years. Like to see more of it.

    • Ben Tientcheu says:

      @tufgbh w Never said the past “five”. I said the past “few” years. Yes I know they used to be in the same division but it hasn’t been that hot of a matchup (for both teams and fans) for a long time until recent years when the Titans beat the Ravens in the playoffs then after proceeded to dance on their logo.

    • Johnny Bell says:

      Yeah man always a war in those games TITAN-UP

    • BuckshotPA1 says:

      For those of you who are to young, when the Ravens began, their rivals were Tenn and Jax! It’s only when realignment occurred and Indy wanted no part of smash mouth football, that the Pitt rivalry started.
      FYI, if you look a map, Indy should have been in north and Ravens in south!

    • Jay mere says:

      and im here for it

    • RomeG1989 says:

      Since the AFC Central Division

  7. Julian Shipp Jr. says:

    Huntly had a underrated performance tonight, went 16-18🔥

  8. Dennis Christian says:

    Likely and Bridges are the big bodied route runners we need in this offense. Likely plays like a WR. Also really nice seeing the QB’s use the back shoulder pass, that kid bridges looks like thats his bread and butter. Just one or two of those completions in a game can be huge

  9. Dodecahippo says:

    This is why expecting a rookie QB to start is insane. Malik Willis has a lot of tools, but he’s obviously going to take time. Every rookie QB is a project

  10. Controller Force says:

    Everybody touting Huntley. Cool we already know him. BUT BROWN JR. was very impressive. Two beautiful touch passes for completions. And another pre season win 💥🎉🎊💥

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