Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2022 Week 9 Game Highlights

Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2022 Week 9 Game Highlights

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47 Responses

  1. TampaTec says:

    I’m not a Chiefs fan but Mahomes is really entertaining to watch like Derrick Henry, imagine them on the same team 🤯

    • Chris Haslam says:

      Hm, maybe that’s a sneak peek of a possible QB-RB duo in the near future👀

    • AndrewVlogs says:

      Nah Henry wouldn’t shine, Henry needs a scrambler Qb to shine, titans honestly would be great if they do what the ravens do with the read option, lots of bootlegs and play actions. Malik just needs to better his vision and titans could honestly be a better ravens offense, since they already have the OP running game. I am a chiefs fan btw that way people don’t think I’m a salty titans fan. GG thou titans, that defense is frickin good

    • BetterLateTha Never says:

      Imagine Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods playing on the same team 🥴🫠🤯😅😁

    • P. J. Casselman says:

      @Juragan Muda We saw your comment the last several times you posted it. Troll.

    • Raheem83 says:

      CHEAT CODE…..

  2. Daniel Ally says:

    Derrick Henry is a beast. 💪🏼

  3. Beau Dare says:

    Not to overlook Noah Gray’s superb leaping, twisting catch, on a broken play in overtime. And Mahomes inventive scramble to find time to throw to him.. Key play..

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ says:

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    • Funny Face Megee says:

      @Tall Paul Huebner i think the tightends are kelce fortson gray and I think blake bell is still on the roster

    • Tall Paul Huebner says:

      @Crispy OHHH….please excuse…..how dare I assume their “gender/position” on the field. 😆I even said I thought Watson might be a WR and Fortson was the guy I was thinking of, not Fountain. But yes, by all means, admonish me. 😜

    • Crispy says:

      @Tall Paul Huebner fountain and Watson are both Wide receivers, just because they have jersey numbers in the 80’s doesn’t make them tight ends

    • Tall Paul Huebner says:

      The Chiefs are STACKED at TE for years! Bell, Gray, Watson (who might be a WR??), Fountain, and of course Kelce.

  4. Lexington & Concord says:

    Vrable is an excellent coach!
    They may have lost, but he has made the Titans a team to reckon with.

    • Lexington & Concord says:

      @Grobari Partizan 💯 agreed! There’s a guy who knows football!

      Man, if Vrabel had Josh Allen, Mahomes, or any other top 10 or 15 QBs in the league, he could get Superbowl win.

      Same thing happened with Andy Reid, fantastic coach, just needed a better QB for years. Got one, got his Superbowl.

      If I were Titan’s ownership, I would hold on to Vrabel until he gets his QB 👍🏻

    • Kyle Sawkon says:

      @cam wilson better playcalling, Tannehill is good enough we have the talent around him and the defense. Just gotta be creative enough to get a couple first downs and they would’ve won last night. Going 3 and out twice in a row at the end of the game is usually a sign the defense knows what you’re calling

    • Grobari Partizan says:

      Considering the terrible QB situation in Tennessee one has to give Vrabel a lot of credit for keeping this franchise a contender over the last few years.

    • caveman riley says:

      With ryan out as a qb the titans didnt have a chance at winning

    • Aaron Gibb says:

      @Me3ks DaGOAT imo the qb is lacking but run game is mad strong

  5. bigbyn8032 says:

    That Bolton hit and the Mahomes run on 3rd and 17 was the momentum shift.

    • cnking27 says:

      @Aidan Klutts definitely couldn’t have done better than 5-16, that’s for sure

    • Life Forms says:

      @Kyle Sawkon The Chiefs WRs were getting their jerseys grabbed and held the entire game by the Titans DBs. I just hate it when a game has terrible officiating and the losing team’s fan base claims all the calls went against them. The Chiefs literally had more flags against them, multiple false starts by the Titan’s d-line and no flags in sight. The real reason they lost is because they couldn’t stop the Chiefs on NUMEROUS 3rd and 4th downs.

    • Weldon Mix says:

      @michael morley Oh wow. Is this your first time in this country?

    • Kyle Sawkon says:

      @Life Forms the missed calls on simmons all game were the issue, jeffrey is a game breaker not fair at all how many times his Jersey was grabbed

    • michael morley says:

      @Weldon Mix if that’s true who’s stopping them winning the superbowl

  6. Jesus says:

    This game made my blood pressure go so high 🙂

    • Nick C says:

      @FiveThirtyEight forecast which won Senate !!!!!!!! Not all U.S. presidents are missed once they leave the White House.

    • FiveThirtyEight forecast which won Senate !!!!!!!! says:

      “FiveThirtyEight forecast” which party won Senate elections 2022 !!!

  7. B L says:

    That 3rd and 17 run by Mahomes was a thing of beauty. What a game

  8. Pool • says:

    The Two point conversion had my blood pressure through the roof. 2 replays, and finally Mahomes plays it HUGE, and runs it in. Way to clutch up Chiefs!

  9. Lexington & Concord says:

    These two teams are so good.
    Love the determination and grit of both teams!

  10. BigSouthStrength says:

    Just a struggling niner fan here. But Juju was a great pickup for the chiefs and why Henry only got the ball 15 times before the 2 mins left in regular time is mind blowing. They had no passing game. Just keep feeding the beast.

    • Jittabang says:

      @Fock GooglePlus buddy it’s been that way since the tuck rule stop actin like this new era of football was caused by mahomes

    • B B says:

      @Tom Brady kk

    • Fock GooglePlus says:

      @Tom Brady I watched how the titans try to not even tackle mahomes. It’s wwfl now

    • HE’S coming soon says:

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    • t b2 says:

      Henry is worn down man. He just carried the ball 30 times last game

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