Tense Exchange Between Mike Allen And Clinton Endorser Mayor Emanuel

Tense Exchange Between Mike Allen And Clinton Endorser Mayor Emanuel

Tense Exchange Between Mike Allen And Clinton Endorser Mayor Emanuel (December 2, 2015)

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20 Responses

  1. rareblues78daddy says:

    …what an asshole.

  2. Stuart Waugh says:

    With this “my family” stuff he has channeled Michael Corleone. Mr. Allen
    might wake up tomorrow with his prized pet’s head next too him in bed I

    Emmanuel is a public figure, and general information about where he travels
    for vacation is not intrusive. If he wanted privacy he should not be mayor
    of major city and talking in a public forum where personal choices are

  3. JR token says:

    The arrogance. Oh Vey!

    How about you take the kids to the south or west side of your city Mr.
    Mayor. It would really give the kids a culture shock you’re going for

  4. Suzanne Clement says:

    Thinking he overreacted unless he had asked that those remarks be off the

  5. Suzanne Clement says:

    Politico is not exactly an unfriendly audience. Those family intentions
    are, I think, laudable. And the likelihood of anyone from the right
    watching Politico are minimal.

  6. JHOT 247 says:

    oh cut the bullshit emanuel, nobody voted for your evil ass, your an
    advisor, just like Ben Franklin was an advisor, you might have more sway
    and power than the president but your still a piece of shit, these
    characters are nutured and bred, they grew up on the hill so they know the
    agenda, obama takes orders from this guy, he’s a gray guy, in between, like
    ben franklin, he’s dangerous and he’s a psychopath

  7. JAB5625 says:

    He literally is “the godfather” now. He’s a dwarf like Al Pacino and
    actually gives the Michael Corleone death stare very well… and issues his
    “disapproval” like MC did to Moe Greene for slapping around his brother
    Fredo “in public”.

    Don’t do unapproved things in public to the godfather… the little corrupt
    crook might have ya kneecaps busted or somethin’….

  8. Snake Plissken says:

    Don Emanuel is going to have that reported killed within the next 30 days.

    You do not embarrass the Godfather in his own city.

  9. yellowmax94 says:

    Maybe him and his family can come back on a raft made of truck tubes. Then
    have them pop half way though the trip no one will really miss him. Or,
    send him on vacation to the crazy 100’s. Doucher!

  10. Jeff Garvis says:

    That guy is goon be fish food, real soon

  11. Heinrich Lunge says:

    You have displeased me, goy

  12. B Toughdogyt says:

    Emanuel is such a Dick. He should have had the Shit Beaten out of him years

  13. filsuf says:

    As a male primadona, I think he teaches his daughter pole dancing and his
    son gay striptease. Those kinds of things really REALLY open up children
    horizon, for sure!

  14. kevtruth says:

    Rahm Emanuel the Democrat whose loyalty is really with the far-right Likud
    Party of Israel.

  15. dushiemcbag says:

    wow, hes so petty and vengeful ‘because of what you did’, lol!!!
    What a douche.

  16. josh h says:


  17. Shakeythemoil says:

    What a pussy lol

  18. IonUCanada says:

    Ahhh… Rahm Emanuel – the son of Zionist terrorist which is kept from
    everyday Americans by the Zionist mainstream media. The insider who helped
    do 9/11 to innocent Americans and promote the bogus “war on terror” becomes
    Mayor – it’s only fitting. Oh – he doesn’t like his privacy invaded – what
    comes around goes around.

  19. Franz Ferdinand says:

    Wait. Which one is the democrat and which is the republican. Can’t tell

  20. NC NC says:

    Rahms bitch ass. I hope they take him in as a political prisoner in Cuba.