Tense exchanges between Ukraine and Russia at UN security council

Tense exchanges between Ukraine and Russia at UN security council

In a tense exchange with the Russian ambassador, Ukraine’s representative to the United Nations has told the security council that Russian president Vladimir Putin has ‘declared war on Ukraine’.
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Russia’s representative to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, has justified Russia’s military operations under article 51 of the UN charter, which allows for ‘self-defence’.

The council met as Ukrainian officials confirmed missile strikes on a number of Ukrainian cities, including the capital Kyiv. Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has introduced martial law while urging to people to remain calm.

He added that he has spoken with US president Joe Biden, and told Ukrainians to stay home and to stay calm: ‘The army works. I will be with you all the time. Stay strong. We will win because we are Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine.’

Russia-Ukraine crisis live news: Putin has launched ‘full-scale invasion’, says Ukrainian foreign minister – latest updates ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/series/ukraine-live/latest

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49 Responses

  1. Russell says:

    He didn’t even have the bottle to admit what his country is doing what a coward. A man is pleading with you to stop the war and you basically say there is no war

    • KERMIT SENPAI says:

      @Catto1966 you can still talk about stuff like this and go protesting you can still breath and you have the internet to share your opinion with others in other countrys you would probably be dead by now or in prison

    • DCR PT says:

      @KERMIT SENPAI I don’t iam just telling you how it feels when it happens to your self

    • R S says:

      @Bảo Võ two sides agreed then. Now, west doesn’t give up, they want to put nukes on Russian borders and are not willing to negotiate. You felt threatened by all these middle eastern countries, and were justified in going into wars. Others just have to take it.

    • Muhammad Makhzumi says:

      american will do the same if they are in russian shoe

    • R S says:

      He should come back to minsk agreement and stop killing people of Dombas. Easy.

  2. john paul biason says:

    My prayers goes to the people of Ukraine. War would only bring suffering and death.

    • Nguyễn Hải says:

      @Fide Nemini ohh did your father went to vietnam war? Come let’s go find his remain in the jungle 😀

    • Fide Nemini says:

      @Nguyễn Hải Yep, the popularity of war is confirmed by vast military cemeteries and thousands of one-legged

    • jimmy ellys says:

      he did it in the 70s,
      and as a result they sent the losers back to America

    • Regular Stan says:

      @jean jeannot whos military? Is iraq better with usa war mongering? Is Afghanistan better after usa war mongering? Stop policing the world, when you cant even DO THE RIGHT THING IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

    • Regular Stan says:

      @TheoGamer yeah ok. USA hasnt been know for peace. Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan. They are litterly back to square 1 if not worse.

      Tell war mongering usa to stay out

  3. d'joy S says:

    Honest anger of Ukraine visible, clear who is the victim and culprit.

    • Arcaryon says:

      @Reality Prince Also, voted democratically makes for a very funny term when the area is literally under military occupation during the referendum, including foreign nationals, armed to the teeth, seems VERY free, I am sure there was no pressure there at all.

    • Димитър Цонев says:

      @Mick Cole Please share the link

    • David Flavin says:

      @Mick Cole everyone discusses which world leaders during elections would be more favourable. Some even hack emails to make sure 🤫

    • Михаил Мёдин says:

      @Alien Stick-using dirt-eating people of Iraq were blamed for creating superweapons to launch an invasion of their country…

    • TDArocks2 says:

      @Makoro how are they going to help when they don’t have the means to do so ? They’re dirt poor.

  4. DRN 003 Cutman says:

    Something about the Ukraine representative sitting alone, calling out the Russian ambassador, who is the head of the UN Security Council, sat among all those other members. It speaks volumes.

    • Popper Bare says:

      @executablesan because Germany didn’t stop at one.
      History repeats putin wants the ussr back under a new flag! He’s not fooling anyone

    • Shubhajit Biswas says:

      True. Excellent observation.

    • Hollow Anderson says:

      @executablesan easy to say when it isn’t your country

    • Erwin Gun says:

      @executablesan so how many countries should fall before all those countries said enough? Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Serbs,…Poland.

    • Artur Dobrzyński says:

      So do you think Poland is ok with Russia at our doorstep because of Ukraine’s wrong doings? Look up Wolyn 1943. We simply dont care know, because pragmatism > moral superiority. Using your logic Russia is justified to conquer any country in the world, because none is saint and everyone has some dirt under their fingernails.

  5. Danish Pasha says:

    Prayers up for the people of Ukraine and for the people of Russia. Peace.

  6. Felix W says:

    If Russia isn’t immediately thrown off the UN Security Council, the entire organization should be abolished

  7. sruthy sankaranarayanan says:

    There is something about this one Ukranian man who is standing up for his nation’s sovereignty and independence and peace .

  8. Helena Holmberg says:

    Mr Putin, one week ago:We shan’t attack, ha ha, this is just a bluff. Now: We’re attacking but we’ll only call it a military operation. Also Russia, 30 yrs ago: By signing this agreement Ukraine agrees to never buying nuclear weapons.

    • Mike Nosal says:

      Please , do not call him Mr.

    • T G says:

      @ArchierounD I am afraid they have no chance to join NATO. They should be relistic and should know that turning themselves into an enemy of a huge neighbor with strongest nuke force is not very sensible. Their leader is stubborn and not very smart

    • Arcaryon says:

      @rah ul Simple answer: corruption. Complex answer; Ukraine is very close to culturally, Russia, if democracy in a western style succeeds there it will spill over. Putin is also impatient as he has grown older and China must have given an ok, perhaps banking on Covid to weaken the European continent and the USA.
      The NATO argument is a lie, he just needs a distraction. It’s an old and simple plan, when in doubt, go to war and people forget about your flaws and get consumed by fighting and fear of far greater problems.

    • Exi Stenz says:

      @J Loki Putin ist einen SENILE KÖRPER,EIN STALIN ZOMBIE!!!

    • RephleX says:

      @Sudhanshu Jha WiLL bE tHeRE FoR UkRAiNe, funny how they show that by bombing innocent civilians and invading a whole country. Russia is showing exactly why eastern countries should join NATO, protection against an aggressor.

  9. Shaky says:

    “It’s not a war, it’s a special military operation”, and here folks is why we shouldn’t expect anything from the UN. They would sooner be tightly wrapped weeks on end under issues of pedanticism, than actually have any real discussions.

    • Andi says:

      1,5M people already escaped from Donbas since 2014…Now it’s easy to be separatist mayority and invade right? This conflict is like a war since 2014 Crimea’s invasion

    • Paul HK says:

      All the UN haters literally ignoring intergovernmental organizations such as UNICEF, UNHCR, Blue Helmets etc.

      The UN is more important than all of you think, but as soon as (obviously) countries like China, Russia or whatever can’t be magically stopped in their agenda the entire organization is somehow useless smh

    • J C says:

      So folks shouldn’t expect anything from the UN because the Russian delegation tells bald-faced lies all of the time? What?

    • Scott Humphreys says:

      You can’t make a skyscraper out of wet leaves.

      He’s not wrong either. It’s not a war yet. 40 people? That was an average weekend for Obama.

  10. Chungus Longjon says:

    Russia: “Ukraine is a junta”
    Also Russia: “president for life”

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