Terence Crawford TKO’s Errol Spence To Become Undisputed Champion I FULL HIGHLIGHTS + RECAP

Terence Crawford TKO’s Errol Spence To Become Undisputed Champion I FULL HIGHLIGHTS + RECAP

Luke Thomas joins CBS Sports HQ to recap Terence Crawford’s ninth-round TKO over Errol Spence to become undisputed champion.


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43 Responses

  1. debonair1 says:

    As a Spence fan, watching him get pummeled was just heart-wrenching. I’ve never seen him this vulnerable. Almost like a welterweight being bludgeoned by a light heavyweight. That dude from Omaha is a different breed !!!

    • Oodle Noodle says:

      Let’s not forget that Bud is a welterweight and the TRUTH of Welterweight 💪🏾💪🏾💯

    • Kelvin Blount says:

      TC real fans knew it was going to be a master performance. KO as most if his fights.

    • James Hampton says:

      I tried to tell Spence fans this for year’s..

    • Junior Rivera says:

      ​@jameshampton6053 Bud took away Spence jab, and it was downhill for Errol from there on out

    • anthony morris says:

      Bud has a lot more experience than Spence. He has almost twice as many fights and been boxing since he was a kid. Spence is a naturally gifted and tenacious fighter with the heart of a lion, but he’s never faced anyone w Bud’s IQ. Theyre both champions in every sense of the word.

  2. VNESTRADA13 says:

    Errol Spence was not even close to Crawford thats just shows you how great Terence Crawford is

  3. Ben Martinez says:

    Everything Spence said he would do to Crawford, Crawford did to him 😂

  4. thepizzamaster says:

    Man, what a performance by Crawford he fought like a champion, mad respect for him 👏

  5. The Crossroads says:

    That uppercut in round 7 was just so beautiful. You can literally see Bud aiming and firing it. So tight. Smooth af.

  6. Sunni Samad says:

    This is the best coverage I’ve seen so far on the fight. This was emotional- he didn’t just endure nay sayers, but he endured hatred- he endured discredit- he took risks with his entire career to chase greatness- it reminds me of the scripture when Joseph says to his brothers after throwing him in the well and sold to slavery “it’s okay, you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.” Don’t need a rematch- this was dinner and dessert.

    • Jay Arevalo says:

      That’s so deep. I must have read your comment hundreds of times. That scripture spoke to me thank you sir

    • Jafar Martin says:

      What a well crafted comment.. .I think i will copy & spread it around. Blessing to u brother.

    • Todd Toure says:


    • Poody Meiner says:

      Scripture reference? Love it my guy

    • Paulette Chatman says:

      The glory is he put god first. I told everyone when Spence ,he may not realized it. When he said Crawford had god like abilities,but his skills was better. It was a mockery to me. Crawford put God First Spence his parents. We have a Living God n jealous always give God the glory first.🎉❤

  7. DarkSagan says:

    Crawford became the A-Side. Well deserved.

    • Humble servant says:

      A-side? He became all time great

    • Rock Fresh says:

      ​@Humble servanthe has to beat Errol again because people say this fight was just to cement his legacy like Ali beating liston he had to do it twice to be tooken seriously

  8. Ray B says:

    Crawford performed like he put on a Master Class on how to box. Best performance I have ever seen in the ring, EVER!

    • Killer Man says:

      I’ve been telling comment boards since the fight was sealed Terrence bud Crawford by master class they thought it was a game well now you know Spence sexual fan club

    • BlackRoyalty says:

      I wouldn’t say ever. Spence was just not in his class.

    • BlackRoyalty says:

      Sugar Ray Leonard vs Tommy Hearns is probably the greatest fight in boxing

    • Christian C. says:

      Greatest fight in boxing history was Corrales vs Castillo 1. It’s not even a debate.

    • Ray B says:

      Didn’t say fight, I said what Crawford did was the best performance I’d even seen. He DOMINATED another Champ. And using the term dominated was an understatement. Spence looked like he didn’t belong. That’s all I’m saying.

  9. Love My CITY says:

    The way Crawford stuck his tongue out in round 7, fell back on the ropes to lure Spence in, and then perfectly fed that upper cut to Spence as he walked in was legendary! We witnessed Greatness!

  10. BlueM says:

    I predicted majority decision for Crawford. I didn’t think he was going to dominate Spence that bad.

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