Terence Pays For Dinner with Spare Change! | Extreme Cheapskates (Full Episode)

Terence Pays For Dinner with Spare Change! | Extreme Cheapskates (Full Episode)

Penny-pincher Terence goes through life without spending money: he refuses to buy furniture and never takes his family out to eat. But when a special family dinner is planned, Terence is forced to spend and puts everyone on a strict budget. We also meet young Greg who puts his cheap skills to the test on a first date.

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62 Responses

  1. Jenahvive Stevens says:

    Omg she can divorce him for 8 accounts. I know I would?

  2. J says:

    Terrence out of line. Point blank period.

  3. MSDIVA2891 says:

    Where the hell they live? Looks like they live in a cell with all them brick walls

  4. Hunter DiMaria says:

    Devorce him 20 dollars is not enough to feed that family

  5. Scott Moxie says:

    I’m being cheap by watching this on YouTube

  6. jonesie says:

    I don’t understand the cinder block walls…in a home???

  7. Dark Rose says:

    The only thing that I found acceptable was the towel dispenser, that was pretty smart

  8. Professor - LZ says:

    I was dead when she touched the two wires of the broken doorbell to ring it lmaooo ??

  9. yadi was here says:

    11 year old me:Hahaha why do people do this


  10. Tyler Marie™ says:

    It bothers me that they have cement brick walls…. it looks like a painted prison

  11. Gamer girl Letz play says:

    What the point of saving money if your not going to spend it??

  12. Hannah M Rector says:

    This show makes me mad, theses people are jerks to your friends and family

  13. Chick andCoop says:

    Rewrite: “Terrance’s family is about to leave him”

  14. Samuel Tillman says:

    If someone paid $92 with coins, I would throw every single one back at him

  15. Hot Pocket says:

    Wow I can probably save $500 or $600 dollars not buying a *sock*

  16. Dung Vo says:

    “My family is showing a distinct lack of appreciation”
    *lol what? You should appreciate your wife who actually goes through your bs??*

  17. Yara Ali says:

    1. His house looks like a school. Chairs, walls and paper towel dispenser.
    2. One of the many banks can change the coins to dollars

    3. Dollar tree is a great store.

  18. Nia Pgn says:

    These people give me anxiety and there is definitely an abusive coercive control issue going on (in both cases) Second dude omG splurge on a bottle of Clorox for the damn toilet please

    • dymplez says:

      Nah…he needs acid, bleach and a hazmat suit for that toilet… I couldn’t imagine anything splashing back from that toilet ??

    • Liberty Leonard says:

      Has he ever heard of dollar tree lol? Sure he’s got lots in the bank but what does it matter when he lives like that?

  19. Michelle Kt says:

    This is so sad she’s given an allowance, and talked to like a child. Told how to manage her money. Yes she agreed to it, but I can’t imagine she easily agreed to it. That’s her hard earned pay check.

  20. Daisy Millanes says:

    Roommates pay rent ?? wait till they find out. Chris’s rent is FREE.

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